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Clarks Originals Desert Boot – Punk Edition

Clarks Originals is paying tribute to the famous music cultures and genres that have stemmed from England in their British Rock Royalty collection. We touched on the Ska Edition earlier and now we take a look at the Punk Edition. The Punk rock era started around the … READ MORE


WAREHOUSE x Clarks Originals Denim Desert Boots

When it comes to vintage clothing, Japanese retailer WAREHOUSE can be classified as an expert in the game. Not only are they the stockists of various new and vintage American brands, but they are also producers of their own in-house label by the same name. One of … READ MORE


Clarks Originals Desert Boot – Ska Edition | Pre-Order

Even though the Ska genre started back in 60’s in Jamaica, it was later adopted by the British Mods and Punks in the 70’s transforming it into a much faster and aggressive music paving the way for worldwide popularity. Clarks Originals are paying homage to the English … READ MORE


Clarks Sportswear Tawyer Mid

While there is an abundance of distinguishable traits from Clarks Originals Wallabee Boots, the Tawyer Mid is really a new footwear all to itself. In fact, its designation has it not as part of Clarks Originals product line, but the company’s just established Clarks Sportswear product portfolio. … READ MORE

clarks x beams desert boot

BEAMS x Clarks Originals Desert Boot

Aside from solid concept and excellent execution, there’s one thing that sets most BEAMS collaborations apart: bright orange. After recently seeing an Arc’Teryx Stinger jacket get the orange treatment, now comes the iconic Desert Boot. The BEAMS design team have taken the timeless, go-with-anything boot, and given … READ MORE


Supreme x Clarks Originals Desert Mali Boots

An updated design of its signature Desert Boots, Clarks introduced the Desert Mali Boots in 1967 as a formal alternative to Desert Boots’ causal styling. Outfitted with a trimmed crepe outsole and a higher ankle collar, the Desert Mali Boots resonates the comfort of Clarks without looking … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x Clarks Originals Desert Boots | Available Now

8 months after it became available at Loopwheeler‘s flagship stores in Tokyo and Fukuoka, a stock of a few pairs found its way to the English retailer end clothing recently.  A rare collaboration, the Desert Boots as well as the storied Wallabee, went through an unique elaboration.  … READ MORE


RECON Brand – Re-Launch | Preview

Momentum is certainly building and increasing by the day. After a long hiatus, RECON, the NYC downtown original, is preparing for a brand re-launch. The label, officially known as RECON Brand, just took down its countdown webpage. In its place, a montage of daily updates as the … READ MORE


Clarks Originals Natalie Boot

Making its first appearance in the ’90s, the Clarks Originals Natalie has since become something of a fan favorite, owing to its clean lines and moccasin styling. This version comes in a lace-up boot with a combination of suede and leather on the upper, wrapped up in … READ MORE


FUTURA x Clarks Wallabees | Available Now

Clarks Originals and FUTURA have a healthy relationship lasting many years producing limited edition Wallabees and the latest offering has finally became available. Unlike the usual soft style of Wallabees, these versions are constructed using ballistic nylon on the uppers, strengthen up the exterior. Blue and black … READ MORE


Clarks Originals – New Website

Clarks Originals is a reflection of iconic footwear by Clarks and their new website gives an insight into the brand and their shoes in an easy to navigate layout. Whilst highlighting the classic shoes in a grid system, the site showcases the progressive involvement of Clarks Originals … READ MORE