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Clarks Sportswear Gentlemen’s Club Pack – Fall 2013

A perennial favorite since the introduction of http://clarks.com/”>Clarks Sportswear Collection, the Gentlemen’s Club Pack is back this fall with another pair of unique concoctions derived from http://clarksoriginals.com/”>Clarks Originals’ classic forms and contemporary aesthetics. Based on the Tanner Evo and Tawyer Evo, both of these latest designs are … READ MORE


Clarks Sportswear Women’s Juno Hi & Lo – Fall 2013

A first for the http://clarks.com/” target=”_blank”>Clarks Sportswear capsule line, the Juno Hi & Lo for women embodied the same concept of fusing timeless silhouettes with the latest in footwear technology. Designed to be proportionally even top and bottom, the Juno features a new runner unit, one that … READ MORE


Clarks Sportswear Taguar Flare – Fall 2013

While it looks like the http://clarksoriginals.com” target=”_blank”>Clarks Originals’ Lugger visually, at the Clarks Sportswear Taguar Flare’s core was a design that centered on a new faster, lighter runner unit (even its name sounds fast). Along with a new sole, which was a product Clarks developed in conjunction … READ MORE


Clarks Sportswear Tumbler Trail – Fall 2013

Similar to the previously mentioned http://freshnessmag.com/2013/06/24/clarks-sportswear-track-race-fall-2013/” target=”_blank”>Track Race, the Clarks Sportswear Tumbler Trail also harks back to a vintage design, the Clarks Camaro. Essentially sneakers designed for winter, Clarks Camaro addressed the cumbersome nature of winter footwear, long before there was the descriptive term of “winterized.” For … READ MORE


Clarks Sportswear Track Race – Fall 2013

Never too far from its traditions, you can actually trace back the new http://clarks.com/” target=”_blank”>Clarks Sportswear Track Race’s origin to the 1980s, during which the iconic footwear brand introduced its first running sneakers. Layered with rich full-grain leather, breathable mesh fabric, and a lightweight EVA outsole, all … READ MORE


Supreme x Clarks Originals Desert Boot – Spring 2013

Despite all the controversy stirred up by its recent http://freshnessmag.com/2013/05/02/supremes-james-jebbia-10m-suit-against-married-to-the-mob/” target=”_blank”>lawsuit against apparel brand Married to the MOB, http://supremenewyork.com” target=”_blank”>Supreme is forging forward this season with another http://clarks.com” target=”_blank”>Clarks Originals collaboration. Made specifically for Supreme, the Supreme x Clarks Originals Desert Boot offers a premium construct in … READ MORE


Clarks – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

While we reported on the progressively designed http://freshnessmag.com/2013/03/07/hanon-x-clarks-sportswear-traxter-ventile/”>HANON x Clarks Sportswear ‘Traxter Ventile’ effort yesterday, http://clarks.com/”>Clarks opted to stay within their familiar territory in the latest Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the British company revamped familiar silhouettes for today’s consumers. Tweaking the classic deck … READ MORE


Hanon x Clarks Sportswear “Traxter Ventile”

We realize it was a bit of tease to http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/17/hanon-x-clarks-sportswear-traxter/” target=”_blank”>preview this http://hanon-shop.com/” target=”_blank”>HANON x http://clarks.com/” target=”_blank”>Clarks Sportswear Traxter Ventile last July, especially since we thought it would come in late Fall 2012. But, fast-forward and here we are in March and their release date is just … READ MORE


Clarks Hybrids Spring/Summer 2013 Camouflage Collection

Like the http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/21/clarks-hybrids-spring-summer-2013-leather-collection/” target=”_blank”>Leather Collection mentioned earlier, the Spring/Summer 2013 Camouflage Collection is a cross between the timeless classics of http://clarksoriginals.com” target=”_blank”>Clarks Originals, with the performance oriented http://clarks.com” target=”_blank”>Clarks Sportswear, a more recent entry to Clarks’ expansive product line. Part of the new Clarks Hybrids, the Camouflage … READ MORE


Clarks Hybrids – Spring/Summer 2013 Leather Collection

Ahead of warmer Spring and Summer months, http://clarks.com” target=”_blank”>Clarks will be introducing a new product series named Clarks Hybrids. While the 100+ years old footwear maker already created Clarks Sportswear to address the needs of customers with more of an active lifestyle. Clarks Hybrids is the amalgamation … READ MORE


YMC x Clarks Originals Edmund Must Boots – Spring/Summer 2013

An incarnation of a forceful quote from industrial designer Raymond Loewy, http://youmustcreate.com” target=”_blank”>You Must Create or http://youmustcreate.com” target=”_blank”>YMC has become a potent element in the London fashion scene. So as it did in its http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/20/eley-kishimoto-x-clarks-originals-desert-boots-spring-summer-2013/” target=”_blank”>collaboration with Eley Kishimoto, http://clarksoriginals.com” target=”_blank”>Clarks Originals partnered with YMC’s Fraser Moss … READ MORE