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Two of Asia’s biggest celebrities, Edison Chen and Jay Chou, have combined their respective brands, CLOT and PHANTACi to collaborate with Disney on a new collection inspired by the 1940 Walt Disney Film, Fantasia, entitled the “PHANTASIA” pack. The initial offering of this capsule collection includes a Button … READ MORE


CLOT & Disney Mickey Mouse Moccasin

CLOT continues it’s partnership with Walt Disney with the release of this new Mickey Mouse Moccasin that is manufactured by Japanese shoe label, Cause, whose collaborated with the likes of Stussy, OriginalFake, Paul Smith, and more over the years. The moccasin features high quality materials, anti-slip stripes … READ MORE


CLOT x adidas x Kazuki – KZKLOT Superstar 80’s | US Release Info

adidas Superstar 80s have had its fair share of collaborations in the past yet these pairs conceived by Kazuki Kuraishi, CLOT and adidas Originals are undoubtedly unique. What appears to be plain white sneakers with money green details, close inspection will reveal that the uppers are in … READ MORE

week in review 3_27_11

Freshness Week In Review: 3/20/2011 3/27/2011

Yet another week overshadowed by events on the geopolitical stage, but we’ll try to focus a bit on what happened within our own cultural circles. First off, a good old-fashioned Sneaker Con took place this week, with a good old-fashioned sneakerhead lineup stretching from Sullivan Street to … READ MORE


Freshness Feature: Emblem Of Friendship: CLOT x adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi

Often times, the definition of a friendship is a subjective matter for those involved. This isn’t one of them. Though officially introduced by Hiroshi Fujiwara, Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi and CLOT’s Edison Chen already knew of each others’ work. Their mutual admirations meant that the “wave length” … READ MORE


CLOT x adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi – kzkLOT Superstar 80’s White

Nicknamed “the flip” by some who saw it during preview, the kzkLOT Superstar 80’s in White is just that, a reversal of the original all-black model launched launched last Spring. With slivers of green and gold overtones, the kzkLOT Superstar 80’s White is made mostly from white … READ MORE

KAWS x Madsaki x Kazuki x CLOT Grey Alienegra Parka

This jacket is like Kanye’s “All of the Lights” single off of his latest album–it has a giant number of collaborators. For this Alienegra print parka, which CLOT has utilized through the years, Madasaki added a twist with a thorn-themed pattern that looks part camoflague and part 3D. … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 3/06/2011 3/13/2011

Everything is overshadowed by tragedy on a massive scale this week, as northern Japan was hit with a devastating earthquake, and a resulting tsunami. It’s not yet clear how many lives were lost, but by any measure it is an incredibly sad event. With our sympathy to … READ MORE


CLOT DYNASTY Immortalized Regional Stamp Set

Philatelic is not some exotic species of the floral kind or long extinct animal. The term is a description of some more apparent, the art of stamp collecting. To the delight of hobbyists everywhere, Hong Kong’s CLOT is issuing a set of limited edition stamps. As part … READ MORE


Levi’s x CLOT – World War 3 Commemorative Denim

The collaboration effort between Levi’s and CLOT have birthed many interesting projects in the past and for the time being, it will come to an end. And the grand finale is the World War 3 Commemorative Denim which takes distress treatments and print finishes to a whole … READ MORE



In an attempt to fuse Chinese cultures and heritage on modern products, Hong Kong based CLOT teamed up with HEAD PORTER for the RWB Bag Collection. A wide range of bags were produced in the past as part of the RWB collection and now the series is … READ MORE