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Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier – The Night & Day Cans

http://dietcoke.com/” target=”_blank”>Diet Coke introduces special edition cans designed by its http://freshnessmag.com/2012/03/08/jean-paul-gaultier-for-diet-coke/” target=”_blank”>newly installed creative director, French designer http://jeanpaulgaultier.com/” target=”_blank”>Jean Paul Gaultier. Coming in “Night” or “Day” motifs, the polished aluminum cans represent the first time Diet Coke has used its 300ml size for a limited design collaboration. … READ MORE

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Coca-Cola x David Guetta – Club Coke 2012 Edition

French music producer and DJ-extraordinaire┬áhttp://davidguetta.com/” target=”_blank”>David Guetta expands his relationship with http://coca-cola.com/en/index.html” target=”_blank”>Coca-Cola with a limited-edition bottle dedicated to the world of the night. This is the seventh year Coca-Cola has partnered with musicians to build their Club Coke, which Guetta designed to deliver the image of … READ MORE


Vault of the Secret Formula by Second Story

Coke’s secret formula has been so closely guarded over the last 125 years that it’s become the stuff of legend. That’s the premise behind the “Vault of the Secret Formula” exhibit at the http://worldofcoca-cola.com/” target=”_blank”>World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, GA. Developed by creative agency http://secondstory.com/” target=”_blank”>Second … READ MORE


Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

http://jeanpaulgaultier.com/” target=”_blank”>Jean Paul Gaultier, the erstwhile enfant terrible of haute couture fashion, has been named the new creative director for Diet Coke. The French designer will introduce a limited edition collection of stylish Diet Coke bottles and cans, as well as special retail concepts and ad campaigns … READ MORE


Jack Spade x Coca-Cola – 125th Anniversary Collection

http://jackspade.com/” target=”_blank”>Jack Spade is celebrating http://coca-cola.com/” target=”_blank”>Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary in style, with a limited-edition collection that celebrates Coke’s most memorable advertising slogans. Accessories include a vintage baseball cap in Coke’s signature red shade emblazoned with the interlocking Cs originally featured in Coca-Cola merchandise from the 1910s, as … READ MORE


CLOT x James Jarvis – Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collection | Hong Kong

“I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” the 1971 commercial jingle bears a semblance this year as the world celebrates 125th anniversary of http://coca-cola.com” target=”_blank”>Coca-Cola. In Hong Kong, the initiative by creative agency http://clotinc.com” target=”_blank”>CLOT and British artist http://studiojarvis.com” target=”_blank”>James Jarvis, with contributions … READ MORE


Coca Cola Zero x TRON: Legacy – LiveCycle Game

Think this is just another iPhone game? To be honest, when TRON: Legacy involved, we promise this is way cooler than Angry Birds. How so? Aside from the futuristic set up, the http://cocacolazero.com/index.jsp#game”>Coca Cola Zero LiveCycle is also the first location-based mobile game, which means, your gaming … READ MORE


Coca-Cola Secert Formula Apprenticeship Program

In a sad world where graduating college students often find themselves taking whatever is available (administrative assistant at a mid-sized insurance company, anyone?) or moving back home, Coca Cola has rolled out ahttp://complex.com/secretformula”> Coca Cola Secret Formula Apprenticeship Program which connected three young people to work in … READ MORE


UNDERCOVER x Coca Cola – The Limited Music Collection

Beverage and fashion or even art and design have not been mutually exclusive in the world, as many artists and designers have at one point of time or another collaborated with a beverage company to redesign its receptacle. For instance, Karl Lagerfeld had worked with Coca Cola, … READ MORE


Coca-Cola x Karl Lagerfeld – Limited Edition Box Set

There is no better spokesperson for http://cocacola.com”>Coca ColaLight than the man who once said “Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight”. Coming from http://karllagerfeld.com”>Karl Lagerfeld who is uncompromising on the choice of models for his runway shows, this statement might seem ever-so-slightly controversial. However, there is … READ MORE


Coca Cola x Base Control – PRET Recycle Program T-Shirts

It is good to see a large corporation such as http://coca-cola.com”>Coca Cola take an initiative that pushes the envelope as far as the recycling and eco movement is concerned. It is called the Coca Cola RPET Program and these t-shirts are made in conjunction with http://basestation.jp/”>Base Control … READ MORE