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ColorWare – 24k Gold Xbox One and Sony DualShock 4 Controllers

ColorWare is known for conferring luxe makeovers to various gadgets and accessories, and the latest pieces to get the gilded treatment are the Xbox One and Sony DualShock 4 controllers. Through “the most desirable finishing technique on the market,” both are now plated in genuine 24k gold and limited … READ MORE


ColorWare x Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 “Safari”

Custom colorization specialist ColorWare teams up with Beats by Dr. Dre to create a vibrant new look for the latter’s Pill 2.0. Dressed in a distinctive “Safari” leopard print, the portable Bluetooth speaker is available in a limited production run of just 50 units. The special-edition Pill Includes … READ MORE


ColorWare – Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Headphones Snakeskin Design Option

It isn’t just Nike who can pull off a snakeskin design option on its sneakers. For an additional fee, the experts at ColorWare can apply the distinctive reptilian design onto any personal electronics of your choice. What’s more, the application by ColorWare is actually tactile, so you … READ MORE


ColorWare – Leica D-LUX 6 Design Options

Nearly two years after unveiling its custom design options for the Leica D-LUX 5 digital camera, ColorWare introduces the new customization process for the Leica D-LUX 6. Thanks to its revamped website, potential customers can now alter all aspects of the D-LUX 6’s appearance. Divided in ten … READ MORE


ColorWare x Beats By Dr. Dre Illusion Beats Studios Headphones

With a penchant for the dramatics, customization specialists at ColorWare just introduced its ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats Studios. Featuring the exact same heart pounding output as your regular run-in-the-mill Studios Headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre, though with one obvious difference – the unique iridescent paint scheme. … READ MORE


ColorWare – Leica D-LUX 5 Design Options

Leica purist might cringe at this… Minnesota-base customization specialist ColorWare introduced its latest option – Leica D-LUX 5 Digital Camera. Say goodbye to blandness and $1,200 US (or $400 if you provide your own camera), ColorWare will “bedazzle” your German engineered gadgetry with either 21 Solid Color … READ MORE


ColorWare – iPad 2 Design Options

There is no need to adjust your monitor, you are indeed looking at a yellow Apple iPad 2. In the need of a gifting idea that is out of the ordinary?  ColorWare might just able to help.  The Minnesota-base customization company announced its new design options for … READ MORE


ColorWare x Beats By Dr. Dre – Beats Chrome Headphones

Make a statement of exclusivity via the new partnership between Beats by Dr. Dre and customizer ColorWare. Introducing the new Beats Chrome Headphones with shimmering chrome finishes. With patented X2 coating, a process invented by the Minnesota-base ColorWare, the metallic-like chrome finish isn’t just the usual electroplating … READ MORE