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RoboCop – 2013 Remake | OmniCorp Teaser Website

It seems like http://sonypictures.com” target=”_blank”>Sony Pictures is hell-bend on remaking all of the most recent sci-fi classics. Besides the current box office kind, http://theamazingspiderman.com” target=”_blank”>The Amazing Spider-Man, and the upcoming http://welcometorecall.com” target=”_blank”>Total Recall sans Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie studio is readying production on https://facebook.com/RobocopMovie” target=”_blank”>RoboCop. A sci-fi … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man – Official Trailer

It might be a re-telling of a well-worn franchise though upcoming summer blockbuster http://theamazingspiderman.com” target=”_blank”>The Amazing Spider-Man will a “first” for the many riding on its success (or failure). For director Marc Webb, it will be his first major film since the indie romance comedy (500) Days … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man – Official Trailer | Video

10 years after director Sam Raimi and actor Tobey Maguire brought http://marvel.com” target=”_blank”>Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man to the silver screen, http://sonypictures.com” target=”_blank”>Sony Pictures will re-introduce the ordinary Joe superhero to a new generation of audience members with http://theamazingspiderman.com” target=”_blank”>The Amazing Spider-Man. Like all adaptations with fervid followings,every details … READ MORE