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Kinetics x Columbia - Forested Park Jacket 01

Kinetics x Columbia – Forested Park Jacket

Following up the first installment of the Black Flower collection, Kinetics launches the second delivery from the same range. Produced by Columbia once again, this range utilizes their Forested Park Jacket as a base. Apart from the original Black Flower graphic on the hood lining, these jackets … READ MORE


Kinetics x Ghost in the Shell x Columbia – Pliny Peak Jacket

If you’re getting tired of seeing a lot of white, you might want to seriously consider one of these Kinetics x Columbia Pliny Peak Jackets, which infuses your wardrobe with plenty of color. Yesterday we brought you a brightly colored splatter patterned Atmosphere Pliny Peak, but now … READ MORE

atmos x Columbia - Pliny Peak Jacket 01

atmos x Columbia – Pliny Peak Jacket

Having released a collaboration Pliny Peak jacket with Japanese retailer, Kinetics, recently, Columbia seems to be popular amongst Japanese retailers. Following the release of fellow Tokyo retail shop, atmos is now unveiling their version of the lightweight shell jacket from Columbia. Dubbed as Atmosphere Splatter, the jacket … READ MORE

Kinetics x Columbia - Pliny Peak Jacket - Black Flower Collection 01

Kinetics x Columbia – Pliny Peak Jacket – Black Flower Collection

Floral patterns were huge in the past few seasons, and it is not showing any sign of fading away either this season. Kinetics designed the Black Flower Collection in two polar opposite versions, all over print and black. Both styles boast the high performance of Columbia Pliny … READ MORE


Kinetics x Keith Haring x Columbia x New Era – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection | Part 2

Kinetics is ready to launch the second wave of releases from their collaboration project with Keith Haring, inviting Columbia and New Era to take part in this series. Instead of using the staple high performance shell jacket as a base, the Japanese label opted to utilize a … READ MORE


Kinetics x Columbia x Radio Eva – De Cruze Summit Jacket

Tokyo-based select shop and label Kinetics must be a fan of the cult animation series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, as their latest project borrows design elements from the renowned Japanese anime. For this project, Kinetics reached out to their frequent collaborators, Columbia and Radio Eva, an official online … READ MORE


Kinetics x Keith Haring x Columbia – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Doing a little bit of good goes a long way in the world, even if the ulterior motive of that deed is to be dressed in fly apparel. Hence, the Keith Haring Foundation (a charitable organization focused on educating the country about safe sex) will be receiving … READ MORE


Kinetics x Columbia – De Cruze Summit Shell Jacket

Every Fall/Winter season brings new creations from Tokyo’s select shop, Kinetics, and outdoor giant Columbia. Finally, they have unveiled the first of many collaboration pieces awaiting release in the coming months. Slated to drop around the middle of this month, here are two designs of the staple … READ MORE


Jun Watanabe x Kinetics x Columbia – Pliny Peak Jacket

Not to be mistaken with the prolific Japanese fashion designer, Junya Watanabe, Jun Watanabe is the Creative Director at Japan’s largest online mall, ZOZOTOWN. While juggling his day job, Watanabe took opportunities to broaden his portfolio by dabbling in various collaboration projects. Now, the designer lends his … READ MORE


Kinetics x Columbia – Pliny Peak Jacket

The collaboration between Kinetics and Columbia dates back seven years already, with both brands dedicated to creating consistent products every season. Arriving right in the thick of winter–though, in the fashion world, it is technically the start of the Spring/Summer season–these Pliny Peak Jackets should come in … READ MORE


Kinetics x Keith Haring x Columbia – Anders Falls Jacket

Kinetics invites a special guest for their Spring/Summer 2013 collaboration collection, produced in conjunction with their longtime partner, Columbia. The Tokyo-based boutique connected with the Keith Haring Foundation in New York to design the highly original Anders Falls Jacket. Vivid illustrations by Haring are placed as all-over … READ MORE