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COMPASS Show 2010 New York City | Begins Today

Just kicked off today is one of the key directional footwear trade shows in the industry, COMPASS. COMPASS is brought to you by the same team, BPMW, who was behind the celebrated and lauded (capsule) trade show. Changing the concept of what the footwear industry is all … READ MORE


COMPASS Show – Etnies Plus Fall/Winter 2010 Collection | Preview

While Freshness visited COMPASS Trade Show this past Monday and Tuesday to check out what there is to expect from the ever-changing footwear industry for the later half of 2010, we came across Etnies Plus. Etnies Plus continues to be spearheaded by Etnies owner and skater Pierre … READ MORE


COMPASS Show – Su-Yoon Fall/Winter 2010 Collection | Preview

There exists a void in the women’s footwear market that has proven to be difficult to fill. The quest for a balance between athleticism and sexiness is not unfamiliar in apparel, but has always been difficult to execute in footwear. Not because the concept is ludicrous, but … READ MORE


COMPASS Show – New Balance Fall/Winter 2010 Collection | Preview

Everything old is new again with New Balance for Fall/Winter 2010. After visiting New Balance at the COMPASS Trade Show in New York City’s The Puck Building two days ago, it seems quite clear that one of the core focus for New Balance in the upcoming season … READ MORE


COMPASS Footwear Trade Show – Spring 2010 | Puck Building

After an extremely successful run of (capsule) trade show, BPMW, returns to New York City’s The Puck Building with a specialized footwear counterpart, COMPASS. COMPASS trade show is currently in its fourth season of running and continues to be on the forefront of the footwear industry.

COMPASS x Gabriel Urist – Limited Edition COMPASS Pendants

After an extremely successful, and quite honestly, a bedazzling run of (capsule) Trade Show in New York City where more than a 130 labels both renowned and up-and-coming have showcased what all can anticipate for Fall/Winter 2010, BPMW is back with a counterpart footwear trade show, COMPASS. … READ MORE


BPMW – COMPASS Footwear Trade Show

bpmw presents: Compass Compass, the new show with a tightly-edited assemblage of the footwear industry’s most captivating brands, will help modern retailers navigate shifting changes and point visitors in the direction of what’s next. Alexis Park Hotel – The Alexis Park Hotel Ballroom 375 E. Harmon Ave. … READ MORE


BPMW – COMPASS Footwear Trade Show

After the success of Capsule, the most recent entry to the fashion trade show arena, our friends from BPMW (Brand Pimps) will be adding another into their portfolio. Compass, which take place during July of this year in Las Vegas, will be BPMW’s answer the ever changing … READ MORE