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Complex – Nike Designer Jesse Leyva’s 50 Favorite Sneakers

Nike Sportswear Footwear Design Director, Jesse Leyva, knows his sneakers, he’s played a major role in a number of the hottest sneakers that Nike has put out in the past decade that spans across various Quickstrike and Tier Zero sneakers all the way back to Nike’s Pro … READ MORE


Complex – Cut + Show: Red Wing Shoes

For the second installment of Complex’s “Cut & Show” the magazine took a visit to the Red Wing factory located in the Mississippi Valley for an in depth look at how Red Wing’s are made. Complex followed the production of a Red Wing from it’s initial leather inspection all the way through the finally quality control phase… READ MORE


Complex – February/March Issue | Drake

The newest issue of Complex features none other than the biggest artist to come out of 2009, Aubrey Graham better known as Drake. Complex’s Damien Scott sat down with Drizzy and talked about a number of things including the response to his “Best I Ever Had” video, … READ MORE


Complex – Cut + Show: 10.DEEP | Video

Complex visited the guys at 10.DEEP and took us on an insider prowl for the New York City label’s operations and the shooting of its Holiday 2009 look book. Take a couple minutes to learn how the company started (in a college dorm by founder Scott Sasso), … READ MORE


Complex – Best of 2000s – Top 100 Songs

The Best of 2000s from Complex is back, and this time around, we believe Complex have tackled one of the most befuddling issues of the past decade–music. Remember early 2000s before Britney Spears committed serial matrimony, had babies, crashed and came back, and she got the world … READ MORE


Complex – Best of 2000s – Top 100 Brands

Who got it right and who didn’t? Who sailed and who sunk in the recession? While Complex didn’t exactly launch into the finances of these brands that had infiltrated our lives in every possible way, it sure did the former and ranked 100 brands according to who … READ MORE


Complex – DJ Clark Kent’s Top 50 Air Force 1’s

Complex linked up with our good friend, DJ Clark Kent, to compile his list of his Top 50 Air Force 1’s from Nike. DJCK who recently told us that he has around 2,000 pairs of Air Force 1’s, is no stranger to the shoe and has a … READ MORE

Complex – The 50 Scariest Movie Of All Time

The scary Asian lady climbing out of your TV to claim your life, paranormal investigators deciding it would be an excellent idea to spend the night in a haunted house, spooky pale little children you don’t want to play with and make you believe vasectomy would be … READ MORE


Complex – Best Of The 2000s: The Top 10 Blank T-Shirts

Complex is still in on its ranking game, and this time we believe they are onto something that is a little more difficult to place and score than graphic tees– blank tees. Who makes the best classic basic? Who stocks your favorite easy white tee and who … READ MORE


Complex – The Complex Soundboard 2

Our friends over at Complex have just released version 2 of their Complex Soundboard and this time it features more celebrities and more controversial quotable’s. The Complex Soundboard 2 features a variety of entertainers including Kanye West, President Obama, Jay-Z, Larry David, Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, The … READ MORE


Complex – Best of the 2000s – Top 100 T-Shirts

Complex’s Best of the 2000s feature continues to roll out as their latest one pits the best t-shirts produced in the 2000s against each other in their Top 100 T-Shirts feature. While t-shirts are a bit more subjective to rank than movies or sneakers just because of … READ MORE