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Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster

Built with an assist from an erstwhile Ducati designer, the Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster is a machine that looks fast while standing still. It’s outfitted with carbon fiber and billet aluminum, an adjustable suspension, dual-caliper brakes, and 18-inch carbon fiber wheels. Power comes courtesy of a 2,163cc fuel-injected V-Twin … READ MORE


Confederate Motorcycles C2 P-51 Fighter | Preview

Earlier this year renowned designer Pierre Terblanche — late of Ducati — joined Confederate Motorcycles as the head of design, and the first machine developed under his creative leadership has now been revealed: the Confederate C2 P-51 Fighter. The model represents the second generation Fighter bike from the … READ MORE


Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Combat Breaks Bonneville Record at 172.211 MPH | Video

Where the ground meets the sky on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, rider James Hoegh and his trusted steed, Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Combat, made history. On August 29th, 2012, Hoegh became the world’s fastest rider in the AFP3000 class at 172.211 MPH and his Confederate X132 Hellcat … READ MORE


Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Combat – Prototype Motorcycle for 2012 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials

Somewhere on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, motorcycle rider James Hoegh is barreling down the dusty white plain at the upper reach of 150 mph. The effort, as well as the inherent dangers that come with it, is to attempt a top speed of 170 mph and dethrone … READ MORE


Confederate Motorcycles – C3 X132 Hellcat | Development In Progress

A true study of the term “contrarian”, Confederate Motorcycles gone against the odd makers time after time. They couldn’t put the company down in 2001 when it declared bankruptcy, only to resurrected in 2003. Hurricane Katrina should’ve put an end to its existence when it tore through … READ MORE