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Stussy x Ed Banger Records – Cool Cats Series

Parisian musical creative force Ed Banger Records, masterminded by Pedro Winter a.k.a. Busy P, have teamed up with Stussy on a variety of garments. The collection is titled the Cool Cats Series, referencing to the greater Parisian creative movement Cool Cats, and it features the signature graphics … READ MORE


Cool Cats x SUPER – Limited Edition Sunglasses | Available Now

The Euro Zone is on the verge of economic collapse. Urban turmoils strike across the United States. Arab Spring is at a standstill. And relationship between China and the West have turned icy. If you watch enough 24-hour cable news, you might think the world is coming … READ MORE


Cool Cats x LACOSTE L!VE Barbuda Denim

LACOSTE L!VE has announced their collaboration with fellow French creative team, Cool Cats. A simple Barbuda boat shoe was chosen and enhanced by an indigo denim fabric on its uppers. Custom-designed Lacoste and Cool Cats cursive font is embroidered on the tongue in vivid red stitching. Other … READ MORE


LACOSTE L!VE x Cool Cats

LACOSTE L!VE, the Lacoste sub-brand that skews toward a younger target market, has partnered with Cool Cats, the nascent fashion label formed by a Parisian troika composed of heavy hitters Busy P, So Me and Michael Dupouy. Their collaborative effort will eventually result in a capsule collection … READ MORE


Cool Cats x Sebago Docksides

With 41 years under their belt, the Sebago Docksides are a classic boat shoes that are still going strong today. The footwear originally produced for sailors, have now transcended onto all walks of life. In the past there were various brands who worked to create their original … READ MORE


Nike Stadium MFG Features Busy P + Michael Dupouy Destroyer Jacket

In their whirling wind tour worldwide for the launch of ALL-GONE 2010, Pedro Winter, best known as Busy P of Ed Banger Records, and La MJC‘s Michael Dupouy were able to find the time to customize their very own Destroyer Jackets at Nike Stadium NYC. Both created … READ MORE


La MJC x colette x New Balance NB 1500 – Vivre Sans Temps Mort Edition

“Vivre Sans Temps Mort” or “To Live Without Idleness”, a slogan coined by protesters during the May 1968 upheaval, where students and laborers battled it out with riot police, water cannons, tear gas on the street of Paris. The battle cry also became the motto of Parisian … READ MORE


Cool Cats x Alpha Industries – MA-1 Jacket

French curators of everything cool, Cool Cats, have collaborated with American manufacturer Alpha Industries on their very first MA-1 jacket. Having been influenced by the military aesthetic since it’s inception, Cool Cats looked to work with the authentic manufacturer of military jackets for this special collaboration MA-1 … READ MORE


Cool Cats x Starter – SMUT Cap

The coolest group of infulencers and tastemakers out of Paris, the Cool Cats, have teamed up with Starter once again to create a new snapback cap that pays homage to classic Ice T lyrics from the song “Hawaian Smut”. Cool Cats will be collaborating with Starter on … READ MORE


Biomega x PUMA x colette x Cool Cats Vélo Limited Edition Bike

Before the weather gets unforgiving and dreary again (even though at this point in summer, it seems hardly imaginable that winter shall arrive after fall), it is time to log some sun sessions, especially for those living in the city where greens and gorgeous weather are slightly … READ MORE

Cool Cats x Sebago – Limited Edition Docksides

Following up the success of the previous collaboration between Cool Cats and heritage deck shoe label, Sebago, the duo had returned for summer with another limited edition release. This time around, the duo’s silhouette of choice is the iconic Sebago Docksides boat shoes. Drawing on the same … READ MORE