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Nike Make Something!! – Costume Making Workshop with Cassette Playa

In conjunction with Nike World Basketball Festival and Cooper Hewitt, Nike is giving back to the community by hosting a series of creative workshops for teenagers named “Make Something!!”. Teenagers residing in the city can choose to take part in any of the classes ranging from designing … READ MORE


Nike Make Something!! – Portraits of World Basketball Communities With Cheryl Dunn | Video

Aside from celebrating basketball, Nike gives back to the community in conjunction World Basketball Festival by hosting the Make Something!! Workshops for teenagers residing in the city to exercise their creativity and learn from the best in the industry. Previously, we had posted a video of recapping … READ MORE


Nike Make Something!! – Nike Destroyer Workshop

In conjunction with World Basketball Festival, Nike has teamed up with Cooper Hewitt to host the Make Something!! Workshops to give back to the community and help discover talent and inspired interest within the younger generation. Just as the name suggests, teenagers can sign up for any … READ MORE


Nike x Cooper Hewitt – World Basketball Festival – Make Something Workshops

This is one of the rare chances to get hands on and down and dirty to make something with nothing but your hands, some tools, and a lot of creativity. In advocating for the development and search for talent, and also giving teenagers a chance to discover … READ MORE