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Crailtap Chunk of China with Justin Eldridge Video

Crailtap – “Chunk of China with Justin Eldridge” | Video

For some time, China was the elusive country that was untouched by foreign skateboarders and local skateboarders alike. However, in the past five years or so, the floodgates opened up and skateboarders began to visit the huge country. Besides the sheer size and endless interesting structures to … READ MORE


Crailtap – “Pretty Sweet Bonus” Trailer | Video

Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards tirelessly filmed for years to capture the best skateboarding from its heavyweight roster of professional skateboarders. It must have been a very tough task to condense all of that footage into a 60-minute DVD. We have already reported on some of the … READ MORE


Crailtap – Crail Cruiser Skateboard | Video

In order to demonstrate the versatility of their brand new Crail Cruiser Skateboards, Crailtap made a fun little video to show off the endless possibility of their boards. Starring in the short video are Rick Howard, Alex Olson, and Stevie Perez, who do an awesome job of … READ MORE


Girl + Chocolate Skateboards – “Pretty Sweet” – Official Teaser 1 | Video

While many may confidently claim that Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards are the best skateboard companies in the world, others may need a little more convincing. Whatever the opinion, everyone can safely say that this upcoming Pretty Sweet video will be mind-blowing. Stocking footage from the last … READ MORE