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Galaxy Soho By Zaha Hadid | Video

A newly uploaded video from Crane.tv gives us another look at the office and retail complex known as Galaxy Soho, located in the heart of Beijing. Created by the eponymously named firm Zaha Hadid Architects, the conjoined domed buildings are a testament to Beijing’s rapid economic growth, … READ MORE


Mr. Brainwash is “Not a Product” | Video

The world was introduced to Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, through the vastly entertaining documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. Directed by Banksy, the film explored the world of street art while telling the story of Guetta, who was exposed — depending on one’s perspective — as … READ MORE


Designer Days at adidas HQ | Video

Every year, design teams from adidas offices from around the world come together at their corporate HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany to do a bit of brainstorming on the trends and styles that will shape the year ahead. Called “Designer Days,” this annual week-long workshop was started by … READ MORE