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Creative Recreation Antonello – Fall 2012 | Preview

On one hand, its design went with a fashionable approach. On the other, it kept inline with an utilitarian execution. The result, the new Creative Recreation Antonello. First previewed at last week’s PROJECT New York trade show, the Antonello features a ballistic nylon upper inter-meshed with supple … READ MORE


Creative Recreation Quilted Cesario Pack – Spring 2012

Winter need not be dark and gloomy, just look to the new Quilted Cesario Pack from Creative Recreation. Sun-kissed with the So-Cal colorways of bright yellow, vibrant orange, eye-catching aquamarine and more, designers at Creative Rec also reworked Cesario’s upper, rubber outsole, and sockliner to match the … READ MORE


Creative Recreation Tucco Sneaker

Creative Recreation will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, and as the brand creeps closer to the date of the official milestone, the design team is set to introduce new styles to its ever-expanding footwear lineup. First on the docket for Spring 2012 is the Tucco, a … READ MORE


Creative Recreation All-Black Everything Pack – Holiday 2011

Los Angeles-based footwear brand Creative Recreation debuts a new collection for Holiday 2011 with a moniker that’s both descriptive and to the point. The All Black Everything Pack features four different shoes dressed in completely blacked out colorways. Two classic models — the duck boot inspired Satoro … READ MORE


BARNEYS x Creative Recreation Zerilli

Creative Recreation is known as the label that takes elements from sneakers and combines them with the high style of fashion forward footwear, resulting in hybrid models that can — to use the overworn phrase — be dressed up or down. The brand typically pushes the edge … READ MORE


Creative Recreation Brown Tweed Pack – Holiday 2011

Apart from wool flannel, shoppers identify the fabric tweed as an association to the season Fall. Hence, the next iteration to Creative Recreation‘s winter weather varieties is the Brown Tweed Pack. Consists of Solano, Kaplan Hi, and Pinelli, all gone through the “Ivy League” treatment of brown … READ MORE


Creative Recreation Wool Pack – Holiday 2011

Creative Recreation is recognized as the brand that takes sneaker silhouettes and dresses them with refined fabrications, making their footwear arsenal the perfect solution for someone who wants edgy style but doesn’t want to skimp on ease of wear. For Holiday 2011 Creative Recreation is taking four … READ MORE


Creative Recreation Cesario Rainboots

With just a simple application of rubberized fabrics, Creative Recreation created a hybrid of a sort with the best traits of both worlds. The new Cesario Rainboots/Sneakers convey the comfort of your usual sneakers. And if and when the weather turns sour, it acts as a fully … READ MORE

creative recreation fall 2011 profaci

Creative Recreation Profaci | Fall 2011

Fans of high-top Creative Recreation sneakers have a lot to look forward to for Fall 2011 – here’s yet another one, the Profaci. A common theme of the upcoming models from Creative Recreation is that in each there seems to be a range of color intrepidity – … READ MORE

creative recreation fall 2011 cicero

Creative Recreation Cicero | Fall 2011

New York Fashion Week starts today, and there is quite a bit of focus on what the important color trends will be for Fall 2011. Pantone has released it’s palette of “the” colors, and at least one colorway of the Creative Recreation Cicero matches up pretty well. … READ MORE

creative rec spring 2011 baretto

Creative Recreation Baretto | Fall 2011

Creative Recreation is on roll for 2011; the primary inspiration for the innovative sneaker-maker this year is definitely the hybridization of classic styles with new silhouettes, with an eclectic mix of materials thrown in. The Baretto is a perfect example: it takes the high-top fashion sneaker that … READ MORE