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Maiden Noir x Crescent Down Works - Collaboration Collection 07

Maiden Noir x Crescent Down Works – Collaboration Collection

Fans of classic outdoor apparel will appreciate the latest collaboration pieces by http://maidennoir.com/”>Maiden Noir and http://crescentdownworks.com/”>Crescent Down Works. This project is a perfect marriage between a contemporary menswear designer and a traditional down company, resulting in exceptionally basic items that are undoubtedly timeless. Two silhouettes were selected … READ MORE


Crescent Down Works x HEAD PORTER PLUS – Fall/Winter 2012 Outerwear Collection

http://headporter.co.jp/”>HEAD PORTER PLUS prefers to remain understated with its designs, making http://crescentdownworks.com/”>Crescent Down Works an ideal partner for a joint venture. The Seattle-based down-specialist company boasts highly functional outerwear that protects the wearer from the elements. Every piece in this collection has been exclusively produced from the … READ MORE


HEAD PORTER PLUS – Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Just as the summer season is approaching around the corner, http://headporter.co.jp”>HEAD PORTER PLUS is already preparing for the launch of their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The Tokyo based brand has teamed up with http://zozo.jp”>ZOZOTOWN to give an advanced preview of the key pieces from the upcoming collection. Highlighted … READ MORE


DQM x Crescent Down Works – Down Shirt

Crescent Down Works products are made proudly in Seattle and their high quality and functionality led to the latest collaboration with http://dqmnewyork.com/”>DQM. The Down Shirt is made from a 60/40 cloth outer shell which is water-resistant and breathable, whilst maintaining soft texture. Denim collars are styled onto … READ MORE


DQM x Crescent Down Works – Waxed Parka | Available Now

Although the first signs of winter are months away still, New York retailer http://dqmnewyork.com” target=”_blank”>DQM isn’t taking any chances, especially after last year’s snowpocalypse. Once again with help from the Seattle based outerwear specialist Crescent Down Works, DQM created the Waxed Parka for Fall/Winter 2011. Based on … READ MORE