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Crooks & Castles – 2011 Varsity Jacket

A question we hear quite often recently is the relevancy of street wears.  Is there a need still of edgy graphics and controversial statements? (our answer is “yes, there is”) or do labels have to branch out to the world of progressive fashion?  (our answer is “maybe … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles – Holiday 2010 | Preview

Here is a morsel of goodies from the gentlemen of Crooks & Castles. In this Holiday 2010 delights, there is a more engaging focus on not just simple cut & sew, but the overall concept of winter gear.  A bit out of place for a Los Angeles-base … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles – Fall 2010 – Delivery 2

California’s Crooks & Castles have just dropped the second delivery of their Fall 2010 collection, and it is all about the toppers this time around. The tough SoCal team has reinterpreted the camouflage print and put it on a sports jacket, and other classic silhouettes such as … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles – Fall 2010 – Accessories Collection | Available Now

It certainly been quite hectic for the crew at Crooks & Castles, aside from preparations for the label’s Fall 2010 Collection, tradeshow visit for Spring/Summer 2011, and the opening of its newest flagship store out in Hawaii, co-founders Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio were able to squeeze … READ MORE

Bandido Letterman Moto Jacket

Crooks & Castles – Bandido-Letterman Moto Jacket

Crooks & Castles are stepping their game up each season and the Fall 2010 collection is packed with greatly designed items. This Bandido-Latterman Moto Jacket is a definite high light and attention to detail sets this jacket apart from the rest. Carefully designed details such as the … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles – Hawaii Store Exclusives + Opening

California’s Crooks & Castles is moving off shore over to Hawaii, and to accompany its grand opening this Friday, it had created a collection of Crooks & Castles Hawaii exclusive products. The collection comes in the form of graphic t-shirts honoring both Hawaii and of course, C&C. … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles – Fall 2010 – True Romance Anti-Social Club | Lookbook 2

The notion of “To Love and Lost Is Better Than Have Not Love At All” maybe a false one for those ever been in a romantic relationship. Be it a crush, one that is unrequited, a date, or the ultimate expression of romance, marriage, the supposed happiness … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles Honolulu – Opening Soon

It is far from a secret that Dennis Calvero, Robert Panlilio, and the rest of the Crooks & Castles gang are planning to open a retail outlet in the Big Apple. Just take a glimpse at their exploits in New York City during a recent visit. Aside … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 7/19/2010 – 7/23/2010

This week has been slightly crazed at the Freshness office because New York City has been hopping this week. First, (capsule) and Agenda has our calendars filled with Spring/Summer 2011 previews, not to mention a great roof top party to wrap things up with. Then, we learned … READ MORE


Crooks & Castles – Fall 2010 – Lookbook

One of the strongest brands in the street wear industry have brought back more heat that will be needed for the cooler Fall season. The look book by Crooks & Castles reveal the strength of design and depth of concept by exploring a collection inspired by the … READ MORE


Agenda NYC 2010 Crooks & Castle Spring 2011

The arrival of AGENDA trade show this week to New York City also pronounced the changing genre of what use to be called street wear. And no better example of this than the Spring 2011 collection from Cooks & Castle. Through its designs in the past, Crooks … READ MORE