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Jason Kidd Might Return To The Brooklyn Nets | Rumor

Not only did http://nba.com/thunder”>OKC Thunder sweep the http://nba.com/mavericks”>Mavericks out of their second pursuit of the championship title on Saturday, it also spelled the very last game http://jasonkidd.com/”>Jason Kidd played as a Dallas Maverick, at least for the time being. Plenty of rumors have gone around now that … READ MORE


Nike Basketball EPIC – NBA Player’s Data Visualization

Any naysayers on the viability and the importance of data visualization should take a spin on the new EPIC by http://nikebasketball.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Basketball’s official website.  From the minds over at creative agency http://rga.com” target=”_blank”>R/GA, the same folks which developed http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike’s online store and subsequently the NikeID … READ MORE