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Imprint Culture Lab Presents David Choe Talk | LA

Imprint Culture Lab is an initiative that promotes inspirational individuals and movements. Past speakers include John C. Jay, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Marc Ecko, Bobby Hundreds, and a host of others who are shaping our community. David Choe is probably the realest artist in the world right now, and … READ MORE


Upper Playground – Poster Series by David Choe

David Choe, an eccentric LA-based artist, aptly describes his latest series of posters as “prints that are open edition and affordable for all my non-billionaire friends”. Realizing that his artwork fetches a hefty price these days, Choe decided to give back to his loyal fans and supporters … READ MORE


David Choe – “Raw and Unrehearsed” Event at UCLA | Los Angeles

Surely, David Choe is a man that needs no introduction. He is an eccentric figure that truly makes a livelihood of being an artist, making plenty of headlines along the way, including his status as one of the richest artists alive today. Choe possesses a creative force … READ MORE


David Choe x Upper Playground – Capsule Collection

Since the IPO of Facebook, you may be envision David Choe to take it easy and relax on a secluded beach somewhere. Well that is not exactly how Choe lives his life, the eccentric artist stays moving and the collaboration project with Upper Playground is one of … READ MORE


Barbara Walters Interviews David Choe | Video

You know all those time machine fantasies you have where you go back in time and cop all the right stocks to sky rocket your net worth? David Choe is basically living that fantasy right now, with the Facebook stock he got in exchange for painting their … READ MORE


David Choe – Facebook Shares Value Around $200 Million

If you haven’t yet, mark yesterday on your calendar as the true start of social media dominance. After years of hearsay, Facebook finally filed its S1 registration with the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC).  The filling not only gets Facebook that much closer to its IPO on … READ MORE