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Imprint Culture Lab Presents David Choe Talk | LA

http://imprintculturelab.com/”>Imprint Culture Lab is an initiative that promotes inspirational individuals and movements. Past speakers include John C. Jay, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Marc Ecko, Bobby Hundreds, and a host of others who are shaping our community. http://davidchoe.com/”>David Choe is probably the realest artist in the world right now, and … READ MORE


Upper Playground – Poster Series by David Choe

http://davidchoe.com/”>David Choe, an eccentric LA-based artist, aptly describes his latest series of posters as “prints that are open edition and affordable for all my non-billionaire friends”. Realizing that his artwork fetches a hefty price these days, Choe decided to give back to his loyal fans and supporters … READ MORE


David Choe – “Raw and Unrehearsed” Event at UCLA | Los Angeles

Surely, http://davidchoe.com/”>David Choe is a man that needs no introduction. He is an eccentric figure that truly makes a livelihood of being an artist, making plenty of headlines along the way, including his status as one of the richest artists alive today. Choe possesses a creative force … READ MORE


David Choe x Upper Playground – Capsule Collection

Since the IPO of Facebook, you may be envision http://davidchoe.com/”>David Choe to take it easy and relax on a secluded beach somewhere. Well that is not exactly how http://freshnessmag.com/tag/david-choe/”>Choe lives his life, the eccentric artist stays moving and the collaboration project with http://upperplayground.com”>Upper Playground is one of … READ MORE


Barbara Walters Interviews David Choe | Video

You know all those time machine fantasies you have where you go back in time and cop all the right stocks to sky rocket your net worth? http://freshnessmag.com/2012/02/02/david-choe-facebook-shares-value-around-200-million/”>David Choe is basically living that fantasy right now, with the http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook stock he got in exchange for painting … READ MORE


David Choe – Facebook Shares Value Around $200 Million

If you haven’t yet, mark yesterday on your calendar as the true start of social media dominance. After years of hearsay, http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook finally filed its S1 registration with the http://sec.gov” target=”_blank”>Security & Exchange Commission (http://sec.gov” target=”_blank”>SEC).  The filling not only gets Facebook that much closer to … READ MORE