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BRANDBLACK: Form and Fashion

In today’s basketball sneaker landscape dominated by monster-sized companies, a few bold brands are elbowing their way the into the arena to compete. BRANDBLACK is one such competitor. Founder David Raysse is no hack new-jack designer looking to simply slap a new color scheme onto a retro model. With 15 years of experience, ranging for designs for Tracy McGrady as director of design for the basketball division at adidas to crafting… READ MORE


BRANDBLACK J. Crossover – Christmas

After signing Los Angeles Clippers’ Jamal Crawford as its first global brand ambassador last month, fledgling performance lifestyle label BRANDBLACK unveiled the J. Crossover “Christmas” earlier today. Shrouded in metallic gold paneling, white overlay,red accents, Crawford’s “JC” initials in red and green, all denote a Christmas theme in … READ MORE


BRANDBLACK Raptor | Preview

Phantom, Falcon, Jet, Black Hawk, Raptor… each not just a term for bird of prey or aeronautical marvel but for upcoming footwear models from BRANDBLACK. Established by David Raysse, a footwear industry veteran who once headed adidas Performance and Fila at one time, BRANDBLACK is looking to … READ MORE


Los Angeles Clippers’ Jamal Crawford Joins BRANDBLACK As Its First Global Brand Ambassador

To shore up the momentum before its official launch next Spring, performance lifestyle label BRANDBLACK recently signed Los Angeles Clippers’ Jamal Crawford to be their first global brand ambassador. A multi-year agreement which will feature Crawford in various BRANDBLACK media campaign, the new partnership will also see … READ MORE


BRANDBLACK – New Performance Athletic Footwear and Apparel Label

In a market already saturated with mammoth oligopolies like Nike, adidas Group, and Under Armour, new comer BRANDBLACK is confident it can make a dent on this once-impenetrable sphere of influence. Not based on naivete or arrogance but on confidence, this new athletic footwear and apparel label … READ MORE