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ASR Marketplace 2010 – DC Shoes – Spring 2011 | Preview

Apparently, the staple diet for the DC folks is ramen. And they have developed such a taste for it that for Spring 2011, they have drawn inspiration from the instant noodles for a collection of shoes. Spotted at Crossroads of ASR in San Diego is the “Ramen” … READ MORE


DC Shoes x SSUR – Double Label Project – Caviar Cartel

DC Shoes and SSUR are back at it again with an even more stunning pair of sneakers than the previous collaboration project. The latest from the DC Shoes Double Label Project is the new versions of the Caviar Cartel series models. Two colorways are produced to reflect … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 6/28/2010 – 7/2/2010

The wise has once said, time will seem to pass exponentially faster as one ages. Perhaps over here at Freshness, we have been plagued with the incurable problem of aging, and it is difficult to believe that 2010 is already half over. As June segues into July, … READ MORE

Skateboard Car

Rob Dyrdek and Vaughn Gittin Jr – Skateboarding Car

What does a drift car and skateboard have in common? Not a whole lot except both has four wheels. Then what does professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr have in common? They are both sponsored by Monster Energy Drink. So what does this … READ MORE


NEFF x DC Snowboarding – Winter 2011 – Limited Snow Edition Collection

Can you hear it? The banging of bongo drums, plucking of Fender guitars, that familiar opening sequence to Miami Vice? For Winter 2011, DC is bring the tropics to slope with NEFF Headwear. Established by Shaun Neff in 2002, the headwear/tee label was quick to gain followings … READ MORE


DC x SE Racing Quadangle Cruiser + PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike

The previous three enjoyed such a success that DC Shoes and SE Racing both worked in conjunction once again to bring fans their fourth concoction (or concoctions) – Quadangle Cruiser and PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike.


DC LIFE x PROBUS NYC – Admiral Sport “Probot” Launch

To celebrate the launch of the ultra futuristic Admiral Sport “Probot”, DC LIFE has partnered up with retailer PROBUS NYC to host the launch event for the hi-top kicks. The Admiral Sport series comes in three colorways that are based on different shades of grey and ranges … READ MORE


DC LIFE – Spring 2010 – Admiral ‘Maritime’

It is almost ingrained in the human mind to wander to the waters and hit the roads to the west as soon as spring beaks its way through the cold trough of winter. As such, for urbanites who don’t always have ready access to bodies of water … READ MORE


DC LIFE – The Admiral

DC LIFE is back again with the seventh installment of The Admiral footwear. Wild red and purple sunsets can be experienced during a Western Americana road trip and these unique colors are the inspiration for this season. Indigenous prints and patterns also make way onto the sneaker … READ MORE


Monster World Rally Team – Ken Block drives a Ford Fiesta

Ken Block has been an inspiration to many of us with him being the co-founder of DC Shoes then leaping out into the motorsport field. Now for 2010 Ken Block with his title sponsor Monster Energy to tackle the pinnacle of rally, the World Rally Championship (WRC). … READ MORE


DC x Hot For Words – Ken Block Gymkhana Practice Video | 1 Year Anniversary

It was 1 year ago this week an impromptu video of DC Shoes Co-Founder Ken Block doing a Gymkhana run was launched over the web. Since then, the video, dubbed Ken Block Gymkhana Practice, has gained notoriety as one of the most watched viral video on the … READ MORE