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Freshness Feature: A Curious Incident Of Time – When Dee & Ricky Meets G-Shock

Once upon a time, there was a watch that was  all-resistant, it could fall through stories and stories, it could be frozen in ice then brutally excavated with a hammer, it could be thrown into the sea and then fished out after an extended period of time, … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 6/21/2010 – 6/25/2010

This week wrapped up in sad times for the stateside, as USA will be going home after losing to Ghana in the round of 16. Ghana secured its victory in extra time, and while the USA fans held their breaths, fingers crossed and praying for a miracle … READ MORE


Dee & Ricky x Casio G-Shock GA-110 Launch Party At The Bowery Hotel | Event Recap

The fashion world’s most celebrated designer twins of the moment with a penchant for flamboyance and venturing into uncharted imaginative territories in their work, their style and presentation in general, may not look like the most serious and somber of all. But, don’t let the LEGO color … READ MORE


Fresh Celeb – Dee of Dee & Ricky – Nike x So Me Dunk High AC

Dee and Ricky were amongst a number of New York movers and shakers who attended The Valerie Fund’s 2010 Summertime Charity Event this past Friday night at The Foundry in New York City. Other attendees included DJ MOS, Ant Rich, Bryan Joffe, Noah G. Pop, and more. … READ MORE


Dee & Ricky x Casio G-Shock GA-110

Didn’t quite get enough of Casio G-Shock collaboration action from G-Shock and In4mation’s latest venture, and would like something a little more playful added to the G-Shock’s tough side? G-Shock and LEGO accessories making twins Dee & Ricky have partnered up to bring a little childhood nostalgia … READ MORE


Dee & Ricky x Russ and Reyn – Limited Edition Prints

These are not the actual Dee & Ricky assembled LEGO creations, but they incorporate more interesting elements, can be framed, and will instantly spruce up your white walls. Taking their 3D play to a new dimension (or more accurately, a reduction in dimensions), Dee & Ricky has … READ MORE