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Rolex Deepsea Challenge Dive Watch – Gone Where No Watch Has Gone Before

Fifty-two years since http://rolex.com/” target=”_blank”>Rolex first created the Deep Sea Special watch built exclusively to accompany Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh on their record-breaking trip to the bottom of http://deepseachallenge.com/” target=”_blank”>Challenge Deep, the premium watchmaker was again along for the ride for http://deepseachallenge.com/” target=”_blank”>James Cameron’s latest … READ MORE


James Cameron x DEEPSEA CHALLENGER – Completed Deepest Ocean Dive Ever

Just over 12 hours ago, movie director http://deepseachallenge.com/” target=”_blank”>James Cameron and his customized submersible, http://deepseachallenge.com/” target=”_blank”>DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, achieved the unthinkable when both arrived at Mariana Trench”s Challenger Deep. At depth of 35,756 feet below sea level, it is now the deepest point on Earth to be reached … READ MORE