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DEFRAG – ROSTARR Interview | Video

Brooklyn based artist Romon Yang, commonly known as ROSTARR, recently held his solo exhibition, Ikonoclysm, at COMMON in Tokyo. While in Japan, ROSTARR participated in a video interview with DEFRAG, a local online media company. In the three-minute long interview, Yang speaks about his early influences in … READ MORE


DEFRAG – Just Blaze Interview | Video

Just Blaze recently hopped on a plane and took a trip over to the land of the Rising Sun for the MAKE OR TAKE  event organized by Magic Stick Entertainment. You might remember hearing about it from the Stussy x Magic Stick x Just Blaze t-shirt we … READ MORE


DEFRAG – Levi’s XX c.1879 Jeans Showcase in Japan | Video

When Levi’s made its first pair of jeans, the XX, back in 1879, they couldn’t have imagined the brand to have evolved the way it did today. Essentially made for the working American, Levi’s jeans are known for their strength and durability and were worn by miners, … READ MORE


DEFRAG – Eric Elms Interview | Video

Eric Elms dropped by Japan for the opening of his solo exhibition, Wish You Were Here, sponsored by Stussy and VANS OTW. The gallery was filled with generous amounts of artwork by Eric Elms and this space was used as a backdrop for the interview conducted by … READ MORE


Defrag – Parra Interview | Video

Japanese online media magazine Defrag has gotten a hold of Parra, an artist/illustrator from Amsterdam, while he was in Tokyo for the opening of his solo exhibition, The Amsterdam Show. The newly opened Common art space in Harajuku is a compact gallery that looks like a back … READ MORE


Defrag – Keep on pedaling “London To Paris” | Video

Connected by the love for cycling, ten riders from different cities around the world got together in London to ride all the way to Tour de France’s start point in Paris. The journey was documented as a short film titled “London to Paris”, and Defrag interviewed the … READ MORE

Tyler Brûlé-1

Defrag – Interview with Tyler Brûlé – Editor in Chief of Monocle

Japanese online magazine Defrag got a chance to catch up with Tyler Brûlé, the Editor in Chief of the famed print publication, Monocle. Brûlé was in Tokyo for the launch of its collaboration project with retailer, Tomorrowland, and Defrag shared a quick conversation with the captain of … READ MORE

Peanut Butter Wolf

Defrag – Peanut Butter Wolf Interview | Video

Japanese online magazine Defrag have interviewed countless street personalities in the past and the latest in their Profile series is DJ, producer and record label owner Peanut Butter Wolf from Stones Throw. It was filmed during his latest visit to Tokyo during a tour with his artist … READ MORE

Carri Munden

Defrag – Carri Munden Interview | Video

Japanese online magazine Defrag had the opportunity to catch up with Carri Munden, founder/designer of UK fashion label Cassette Playa, whilst her latest trip to Tokyo for the launch of Stussy x Cassette Playa collaboration project. The casual set up of the video interview paints a portrait … READ MORE


Defrag – FUTURA Interview | Video

Graffiti legend and artist FUTURA visited Japan recently for the Stussy x FUTURA LABORATORIES “Live in Tokyo” event. For those fortunate enough to be in Tokyo witnessed the spray can master in motion yet for most of us out of Tokyo, here is a view of what … READ MORE