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Augmented Reality App Resurrects Every Bowery Wall Mural

Re+Public, the new Augmented Reality app created by Public Ad Campaign and The Heavy Projects, may not be a time machine, but it’s just as cool. Take, for example, the magic that the free app works on the legendary Bowery Wall. By placing an iPhone or Android … READ MORE


R.I.P. Tony Goldman 1943 2012 | Proprietor of Bowery Mural + Savior of SoHo Neighborhood

Unlike his counterparts in the real estate development industry, where profit margin was, is, and forever the core to their businesses, Tony Goldman saw himself, first and foremost, as a builder instead. During a 2000 interview with The New York Times, Goldman said “Developers are knock ‘em … READ MORE


RETNA New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

L.A.-based street artist RETNA (aka Marquis Lewis) was tapped to design the latest mural on the legendary Bowery and Houston wall this past weekend, replacing FAILE’s stellar creation. The project marked RETNA’s first official return to New York following his first ever NYC solo show last month. … READ MORE


FAILE – New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

Picking up where pop artist Kenny Scharf left off during December of last year, the collective known as FAILE takes over the infamous mural wall on Houston Street and Bowery of New York City. A careful composition of popular images and familiar lore, the duo first assembled … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 2/14/2011 2/21/2011

Even excluding international affairs, there was definitely no shortage of news this week. The attentions of the sports world and beyond has been focused on All Star Weekend for weeks; the event has finally arrived, bringing with it a deluge of product tie-ins, major ad campaigns, and … READ MORE

week in review february 13 2011

Freshness Week In Review: 2/06/2011 2/13/2011

A week after news broke of the do-or-die sale of A Bathing Ape, Nigo is still in the news. Industry publication WWD ran the first post-sale interview with Tomoaki Nagao, aka Nigo, and this week also brought a preview of the Spring Summer 2011 lineup from the … READ MORE


Kenny Scharf – Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

While the art world is in preparation for its annual migration to Miami for Art Basel. Pop artist Kenny Scharf squeezed in a few days to put his mark on the mural by Houston Street and Bowery. Formerly managed by Jeff Deitch and now curated by Deitch … READ MORE


Barry McGee Mural On Houston Street + Bowery | Grand Finale

After a much-publicized start in August, the mural by Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano (aka Amaze), or better known as the mural on Houston Street, came to a unceremonious end this morning. Right before sunrise, with legendary on-the-street photojournalist Martha Cooper as witness, crew quickly “hose down” … READ MORE


NOWNESS – Jeffery Deitch Takes Hollywood | Video

Art world mogul, Jeffery Deitch is not only one of the most influential figures in contemporary art today, he is a force of the market. Deitch, the owner of the ubiquitous gallery, Deitch Projects, in New York City, has recently moved from the Big Apple to the … READ MORE


Barry McGee x Josh Lazcano New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery | Event Recap

When legendary gallerist Jeffrey Deitch headed for greener pasture on the West Coast a few months ago, many pondered about the state of street art in New York City. Certainly the younger generations of gallerists, like Jonathan Levine and Joshua Liner, have become preeminent curators with their … READ MORE


Shepard Fairey – New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery | Event Recap

Armed with 2 cherry pickers, cut outs, and enough paste to cover a building, OBEY‘s artist Shepard Fairey descended onto the public space on the hectic intersection of Houston and Bowery this morning for his latest installation. As a jump start to his multiple project take-over around … READ MORE