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Deluxe – Charity T-Shirt | To Support Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

As a more somber Golden Week approaches, more and more Japanese labels are showing their solidarity by any means of contributions. Along with volunteering and several rounds of donation, Deluxe Clothing just printed a set of special charity t-shirts. In black or white with lettering in contrast … READ MORE


Freshness Feature: CLOT’s Upcoming Collaborations – A Conversation with Edison Chen

Suave and unapproachable, with portrayals by countless tabloids, at home and abroad, it is hard to think of Edison Chen as otherwise. The truth is the fictitious profile by rumor starved beat reporters is nothing like the real Edison Chen, who sometimes go by the acronym EDC. … READ MORE


Deluxe x PENDLETON – Wool Check Shirt | Available Now

With majority of United States awashed in freezing rain, snow, and mud embed slush; there is a dire need for a change in scenery. Unless H.G. Wells’ Time Machine is readily available, all of us have to wait this winter out. In the meantime, fight again the … READ MORE

Rollercoaster Varsity Jacket

Deluxe – Rollercoaster Varsity Jacket

In its interpretation of the American fashion, Japanese brand Deluxe does not disappoint. The designs and finishes are on point, sometimes even better than the originals, as with the Rollercoaster Varsity Jacket. It follows the classic varsity jacket design elements such as wool body and leather sleeves, … READ MORE

Deluxe December Release Summary

Deluxe – December 2010 | New Releases

There probably aren’t any big surprise pieces in the December releases from Japanese label Deluxe, but what they deliver, they deliver well. We see some staple pieces for this season: for shirting, it’s a Western-type Buffalo check plaid, and a button-down with a slim button collar, in … READ MORE

Deluxe x Vans Zapato del Barco summary

Deluxe x VANS Zapato del Barco

Deluxe and Vans once again. Each time these two collaborate on a shoe, the result is a Vans classic with a decidedly elegant feel. Past projects have included two Chukka boots and an Authentic in suede; this time the relatively new Zapato del Barco – Vans’ take … READ MORE


Deluxe x VANS Chukka – Black Croc

Japan’s Deluxe teamed up with VANS to bring a little bit of opulence to something decidedly street. The new collaborative mid-top VANS Chukkah discards the outdoor vibe associated with the Chukkah and updated it to an urban luxe with a glossy black reptilian leather upper. However, in … READ MORE


Deluxe – November 2010 | New Releases

Just only sometime ago, most viewed Deluxe as another run-in-the-mill streetwear label to come out of the alleyways of Harajuku, with its edgy graphic t-shirt and plucky apparel designs. How fast things changed. Within just a couple seasons, the Japanese label has become one of the most … READ MORE

Wool Shirt

Deluxe x Pendleton – Wool Shirt

Deluxe from Tokyo has reached out to Pendleton Wool Mills from Oregon for a custom ordered piece. It is a true collaboration between Japanese design and American craftsmanship on the classic wool shirt. This shirt is based on the boat shirt from Pendleton, and it uses a … READ MORE


Deluxe – October 2010 | New Releases

The strong imagery of what is “All-American” from Deluxe brings back the twist and even a little locomotion. In the soon to be released line of clothing for a wintrier season, Deluxe continues its rock-n-roll era stylish cool as seen in┬átheir last release.

1956 Photo T-Shirt

Deluxe – June 2010 | New Releases

In its usual Americana style, Japanese Deluxe have dropped some new items for the month of June. Apart from its staple shirt and pants, there are a good amount of head wear and accessories included. There are even hair related products released such as the Lubricious comb … READ MORE