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Deluxe x VANS Chukka – Black Croc

Japan’s Deluxe teamed up with VANS to bring a little bit of opulence to something decidedly street. The new collaborative mid-top VANS Chukkah discards the outdoor vibe associated with the Chukkah and updated it to an urban luxe with a glossy black reptilian leather upper. However, in … READ MORE


Deluxe – November 2010 | New Releases

Just only sometime ago, most viewed Deluxe as another run-in-the-mill streetwear label to come out of the alleyways of Harajuku, with its edgy graphic t-shirt and plucky apparel designs. How fast things changed. Within just a couple seasons, the Japanese label has become one of the most … READ MORE

Wool Shirt

Deluxe x Pendleton – Wool Shirt

Deluxe from Tokyo has reached out to Pendleton Wool Mills from Oregon for a custom ordered piece. It is a true collaboration between Japanese design and American craftsmanship on the classic wool shirt. This shirt is based on the boat shirt from Pendleton, and it uses a … READ MORE


Deluxe – October 2010 | New Releases

The strong imagery of what is “All-American” from Deluxe brings back the twist and even a little locomotion. In the soon to be released line of clothing for a wintrier season, Deluxe continues its rock-n-roll era stylish cool as seen in┬átheir last release.

1956 Photo T-Shirt

Deluxe – June 2010 | New Releases

In its usual Americana style, Japanese Deluxe have dropped some new items for the month of June. Apart from its staple shirt and pants, there are a good amount of head wear and accessories included. There are even hair related products released such as the Lubricious comb … READ MORE


Deluxe x VANS – Authentic

Japanese brand Deluxe have been working with Vans for sometime now, with three prior collaborations. Now the fourth collaboration is ready to hit the racks, and the canvas of choice this time around is the low-top Authentic. Just like the previous projects, Deluxe kept the shoes simple … READ MORE

Pontiac Brown

Deluxe – Pontiac

Japanese brand Deluxe have embarked on a new journey with its first ever footwear model, the Pontiac. Taking inspiration from the 50′s saddle shoes and the postman shoes, these shoes were designed from scratch with an original last. The uppers are made with glass leather that give … READ MORE


Deluxe – April 2010 Releases

Japanese label Deluxe will be arriving at INVINCIBLE for the first time this month. Deluxe is know for its cool Americana aesthetics, and this season, its collection “1956″ reflects the American 50s swing era and takes James Dean’s effortlessly classic American vagabond look and fuses it into … READ MORE


Deluxe – Spring/Summer 2010 – 1956 Collection | Available Now

Deluxe has already begun releasing items from it’s new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection entitled “1956″, taking various influences from the 1950′s era of swing and American movie stars such as James Dean. The collection is as complete as they come and is now available in North America exclusively … READ MORE