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Dieter Rams - Less but Better Book 01

Dieter Rams – “Less but Better” Book

Dieter Rams is a powerhouse when it comes to product design and refined aesthetics. Rams is one of the key designers of 20th century, who shaped the way products are designed, including having a heavy influence on Apple’s products and philosophies. German publication company Gestalten teamed up with the … READ MORE


BRAUN – BNC010 Global Radio Clock

German brand BRAUN has been in the consumer products industry for almost 100 years now, producing everything from grooming products, to beauty care items, food and drink preparation tools, and other household goods. But, one of the core product lines for the brand has and always will … READ MORE


BRAUN Design Collection – 1000 Vintage BRAUN Products For Sale

A private collector who’s amassed a giant Braun design collection, consisting of approximately 1,000 pieces designed by the legendary Dieter Rams, was recently put up for auction on eBay. The collection is culled from the period between 1955 and 1985, showcasing Rams’ penchant for clean, modern design … READ MORE


Das Programm – Online Resource of Designs by Dieter Rams

There are specialized retail shops and then there is Das Programm, solely stocked with products by  renowned German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Known for his clean, simple, and functional designs for the electronics brand Braun and furniture company VitsÅ“, Das Programm is a living and ever-changing archive of … READ MORE


BRAUN – Vintage RT 20 Table Radio | Designed by Dieter Rams

We may not find ourselves circling around BRAUN‘s Vintage RT20 Table Radio eagerly awaiting the latest episode of Little Orphan Annie or Howdy Doody, but as adults we can respect the simple visual excellence and sound it represents. With no extraneous details or decorations, this Table Radio … READ MORE


BRAUN – Watch Collection | By Dieter Rams

Over the 90-year history of German brand BRAUN, legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams was at the helm of the design team for over 30 years. Rams’ design philosophy still echoes today in their product development, and in fact it has been the cornerstone for many leading brands … READ MORE


PROMO – BRAUN Invites You to Rep Your City: Contest

Observe closely at all stylish men in recent years and you will realize soon that there are hidden codes among them, that each style is more than just a statement of individuality but a medium for stories of their past and where they’re from. And this is … READ MORE


WTHR – Weather App – Inspired by Dieter Rams

A famed industrial designer Dieter Rams, who was the head designer at Braun during 60s to 90s, has influenced countless designers, including Apple’s head designer Johnny Ive. Many designers have attempted to adhere to his 10 Principles of Good Design, and this new weather app from WTHR … READ MORE


BRAUN Chronograph

The years certainly been unkind to BRAUN. Germany’s once mighty consumer appliance manufacturer is now only a sliver of its once self after relegated through various business dealings the last few decades. One thing luckily stood hold was the legacy left at the time by Dieter Rams, … READ MORE