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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke For Dirk Nowitzki

When you do an bespoke for Dallas’ sharp-shooting forward, Dirk Nowitzki, you do it right. You chose Nike‘s most celebrated basketball shoe, the Air Force 1, then blend his teams colors into the design of the denim upper, embroider his signature “fadeaway” below the ankle, stitch his jersey … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – Basketball Never Stops

While we may have just gotten word that the NBA has canceled all games through November 30th, basketball lives on in the hearts and minds of athletes who play the game simply for the love of the game. That’s the simple yet compelling message behind Nike‘s “Basketball … READ MORE


Nike Basketball EPIC – NBA Player’s Data Visualization

Any naysayers on the viability and the importance of data visualization should take a spin on the new EPIC by Nike Basketball‘s official website.  From the minds over at creative agency R/GA, the same folks which developed Nike‘s online store and subsequently the NikeID concept, the EPIC … READ MORE