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DJ Hero Renegade Edition | Available Now

When Jay-Z and EMINEM come together for something, it’s understood to be a big deal. When they come together for a game, it’s understood the game is probably the most banging and entertaining deal of the year. Check DJ Hero, one of the most anticipated music game … READ MORE


DJ Hero Press Conference with Jay-Z

The talk of the video game and music industry over the past few months has been all about the new video game by Activision, DJ Hero. The game itself is a spin off of the widely successful Guitar Hero franchise from Activision. To celebrate the release of … READ MORE

PUMA x Activision – DJ Hero Launch Event

Because console guitars are oh-so-2005 and your gaming devices need newer and cooler looking gadgets counterparts, DJ Hero is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated games of 2009. Though it is due to release next week on Oct 27, Puma and Activision worked together to give … READ MORE


Activision – DJ Hero | Featuring Daft Punk

To be joining the ranks of Jay-Z, DJ Shadow, and Eminem on the much anticipated DJ Hero video game will be the electronic-pop duo Daft Punk.   Along with a virtual music library of some 93 titles, players of the new game can push their turntablism on … READ MORE


Activision – DJ Hero | Featuring DJ Shadow In BAPE Hoodie

One aspect of video game design is to prescribe as much realism as possible but still retain a sense of fantasy and escape.  Hence, the inclusion of real people such as the recent involvement of Jay-Z and EMINEM to the upcoming Activison’s game title, DJ HERO.  However, … READ MORE


Activision – DJ Hero

Not to be outdone by its rival, Activision officially announced its newest music-oriented gaming title, DJ HERO. An offshoot from its immensely successful GUITAR HERO franchise, which gross $2 billion dollars in sales worldwide, DJ HERO let you “be the life of the party”, and allow you … READ MORE