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Dosnoventa Runs Dubai Fixed Gear Video 01

“Dosnoventa Runs Dubai” Fixed Gear Video

It seems like the Spanish fixed gear bicycle company, Dosnoventa, escaped the cold winter by heading east during December last year. During their five day stay in Dubai, they took part in Fishtail Rides, a bicycle ride catered towards fixed gear riders in the city. Though Dubai … READ MORE


Dosnoventa – Barcelona Fixed Gear Frame-set

Spanish urban cycle company, Dosnoventa, launched their latest frame-set, Barcelona, naming it after their hometown. Unlike their previously released frame-sets, which tend to favor contemporary designs, this fixed gear frame is referencing classic track bicycle style. Hand made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, the lugged frame is … READ MORE


Dosnoventa – Opening Collection

Dosnoventa started out as a fixed gear bicycle company based in Spain, where they focused their efforts on crafting handmade framesets in Italy. Their persistence paid dividends, as they are recognized internationally in the fixed gear community, and boasting a wide network of retailers around the world. … READ MORE


Dosnoventa – “Headquarters Opening 2013″ | Video

Fixed gear bicycle enthusiasts at CREAM Bikes & Things in Barcelona established Dosnoventa back in 2010. The company slowly grew from being an unknown frame company to an internationally recognized brand in a short span of time. By traveling around the world, competing in events and making … READ MORE


Dosnoventa x LACOSTE L!VE – “We Were Never Born” | Video

The Spanish headquarters of LACOSTE L!VE tapped into urban cycling brand, Dosnoventa, for a campaign titled “We Were Never Born”. The Barcelona-based bicycle company rounded up its team riders and headed out to the scenic mountains to shoot this short film. Not only are the members capable … READ MORE


DSNV Runs NYC | Video By Dosnoventa

Directed by Sergi Castellà, “DSNV Runs NYC” documents the epic journey of fixed gear cyclists from Dosnoventa and CREAM Bikes & Things. The Spaniards traveled to New York City to participate in the annual track bike event, Red Hook Criterium, a street race held in Brooklyn. Aside … READ MORE


2013 DOSNOVENTA – Oslo CX Carbon Bicycle Frame | Video

Bicycle manufacturing could be roughly divided into two schools–one is the traditional frame building by craftsmen and the other is mass production by machines in factories. Both methods have their own merits, yet Spanish bicycle company DOSNOVENTA chose the former method when producing their frames. For the … READ MORE


Dosnoventa Runs New York City 2012 – Teaser | Video

Amongst many other things, New York City is home to thousands of fixed gear riders. Spanish fixed gear bicycle company Dosnoventa and Barcelona based bicycle shop C.R.E.A.M. Bikes & Things took a trip over to NYC for the Red Hook Criterium 2012 event. Filmmakers, Hector Ferreño and … READ MORE