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Dover Street Market – Fall/Winter 2009 – Retail Space

The legendary Dover Street Market has re-opened it’s doors offering shoppers a new look on all six of their retail floors. The store located in London is open Monday through Saturday and carries some of the world’s best brands including BLACK COMME des GAR ‡ONS, COMME des … READ MORE


COMME des GARçONS Dover Street Market – Shirt

After introducing the COMME DES GAR ‡ONS Shirt Collection which featured prints from National Geographic, the brand had released two additional great collections for this season to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary. One of the lines, COMME DES GAR ‡ONS Dover Street Market (named after the British … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape (BAPE) x UNDERCOVER NOWHERE Camo Canvas Sneaker

More than a decade ago, designers Jun Takahashi (UNDERCOVER) and Nigo (BAPE) embarked a little retail experiment named NOWHERE in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo.  And though it no longer exist, that particular storefront forever altered the definition of “Harajuku”, from a hub of subculture ideals to … READ MORE


COMME des GARçONS BLACK @ Dover Street Market

Window shoppers’ alert: London’s Dover Street Market gets a window makeover as Rei Kawakubo’s COMME des GAR ‡ONS BLACK landed at the designated shopping destination. The temporary and more wallet friendly line, BLACK by COMME des GAR ‡ONS, will be stationed at the the store for the … READ MORE


Dover Street Market – BLACK COMME des GARçONS

First came pop-up shops, and now here comes pop-up brands. For the 40th anniversary of Rei Kawabuko’s avant garde COMME des GAR ‡ONS, the brand will be launching a temporary guerrilla line, BLACK COMME des GAR ‡ONS. The line will be around for 18 months, and as … READ MORE

Supreme - Spring 2009 @ Dover Street Market

Supreme – Spring 2009 @ Dover Street Market

In the middle of February news came about that Supreme would finally be available in the UK via: Dover Street Market and now that their Spring 2009 Collection has officially been released in the US at their New York and Los Angeles stores, the collection has started … READ MORE

Silly Thing @ Dover Street Market

SILLY THING @ Dover Street Market

Last month we announced the arrival of Supreme at Dover Street Market and now Hong Kong based, Silly Thing, will also be sold at Dover Street Market. TK of Silly Thing has mentioned in past interviews and blogs that they are focusing on the European market and … READ MORE



  M/S Canvas Travel – Curry – Available in August If there’s anything that should be duly celebrated in this complicated time, it should be humble elegance and understated luxury; and in terms of men’s accessories, no one does it like Mismo. The Danish brand debuted its … READ MORE

Supreme @ Dover Street Market

Supreme @ Dover Street Market

For years it has been rumored the Supreme would be opening a store in London but not until now has there been any confirmation of this rumor. However instead of a complete Supreme flagship store opening in London like the stores in New York, LA, and Japan; … READ MORE

Dover Street Market - COMME des GARçONS Guerrilla Skateboard

DSM – COMME des GARçONS Guerrilla Skateboard

Over the past decades, skateboard has transformed from a So-Cal past time into a ubiquitous gear for urban trendsetters.  This is especially true during the past 5 years as artists, designers, and photographers collaborate on deck design project, only even produce their own edition.  Such is the … READ MORE



London’s Dover Street Market (DSM) is now offering the complete collection of the hugely popular PLAY COMME des GAR ‡ONS on its online retail point.  The streetwear inspired causal line from designer Rei Kawakubo’s COMME des GAR ‡ONS, each features the large eyed heart logo by New … READ MORE