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Dr. Martens – Spring/Summer 2010 – 1460 TecTuff Express Collection

The iconic 8-eye boot from Dr. Martens is one of the greatest canvas for collaborations and pushing creative envelope. As it turns 50 next year, the shoe looks almost like a spanking new model in a new Spring/Summer 2010 1460 TecTuff Express collection. Still keeping the classic … READ MORE


Dr. Martens – Fall/Winter 2009 – 8 Eye Boot

This time last year, Dr. Martens was sweeping ladies off their feet with multi-colored shiny patent leather boots ; the hot pink pair turned out to be extremely popular, gaining the brand new fans other than those who rock out to punk and metal.


Dr. Martens – White Combat Boots

For a split second we thought Mr. Margiela got his hands on this pair of classic eight-eye Dr. Martens combat boots. The all white Dr. Martens is such a rare find that we are stoked to spot them newly arrived at OAK. Literally, this pair of boots … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens – Desert Boots

An unlikely pairing of talents and interests, footwear brand Dr. Martens was the creation of Dr. Maertens, a Munich-base physician who tinkered with inventions on his spare time, and the Griggs family of Northampton, England, generation of cobblers and boot makers.  And with their very first collaboration, … READ MORE


Dr. Martens X Jean Paul Gaultier

After a successful collaboration with Raf Simons, Dr. Martens’ foray into luxury design continues to blossom. This time around, the British boot-maker is now crossing the English Channel with Jean Paul Gaultier. Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier and Dr. … READ MORE


Dr. Martens X BEAMS – Wing Tip Shoes

Dr. Martens had previously collaborated with BEAMS to produced several models of wing tip shoes. This time around, the collaboration continues to work on wing tip shoes. However, rather than suede and a flashy black/white leather upper mix, the team kept it simple this time with black … READ MORE


Dr. Martens – For Life Collection

With the world’s finances in the dumps and companies liquidating their assets one after another, people are looking for things that actually last. In terms of retail, that means going back to basics and buying heritage items rather than short-lived pieces. With this in mind, British footwear … READ MORE


Raf Simons x Dr. Martens – Spring/Summer 2009

Dr. Martens proves that it can still rock beyond the Sex Pistols concert. The brand’s S/S 09 collection of collaborative work with award winning designer of RAF, Raf Simons, shows us that polish and edge can coexist. Simons refined the silhouette of iconic Dr. Marten 3-eye plain … READ MORE

Dr. Martens - MONOTONE Collection

Dr. Martens – MONOTONE Collection – 1480 8 Eye Boot

Implausible at the time, of how members of the 1960s’ counterculture movement came embraced a pair of work boots as their own.  But indeed, the story behind Dr. Martens is filled with such intrigues and more. A creation between one Dr. Maertens of Munich, Germany (And yes, … READ MORE