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Dr. Romanelli for HAVEN – Capsule Collection

Dr. Romanelli has collaborated with Canadian retailer, HAVEN, for an exclusive capsule collection of custom button down shirts. The shirts are made of various different fabrics that are perfect for the Spring season including oxfords, gingham, herringbone, and pinstripe. Each shirt is crafted to the exact specifications … READ MORE

Dr. Romanelli x Levi’s – California Beach Pack Preview

Dr. Romanelli has worked with Levi’s on a new capsule collection of product entitled the “California” Beach Pack. The inspiration for this collaboration comes from none other than vintage California, hence the name. By the looks of the preview given by Dr. Romanelli, the collection will include … READ MORE


UNDFTD x Dr. Romanelli x MMI – NASCAR Sprint Series Long-Sleeve Tee

This past weekend the second race of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was held at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, only an hour outside of the UNDFTD La Brea Headquarters. To commemorate the race, UNDFTD along with Dr. Romanelli and driver management agency, MMI, … READ MORE

Dr. Romanelli x Cassette Playa – Limited Edition Capsule Tee Collection

The doctor has Fraggle Rock on his mind this season and had resuscitated its beloved inhabitants but in the form of toys, apparels and accessories. Expanding on his capsule collection, Dr. Romanelli joins hands with London’s Cassette Playa to put immortalize Fraggle Rock buddies into the wearable … READ MORE


Dr. Romanelli x Fraggle Rock | Available Now

Before SpongeBob SquarePants, Barneys, Power Puff Girls and Pokemon dominated children’s entertainment, there seemed to have been healthier and more nostalgic choices such as Sesame Street (who taught us all about alphabets, counting, sharing and good values), The Muppets and then there was Fraggle Rock. For the … READ MORE

Dr. Romanelli – 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection – New Releases

Dr. Romanelli has released a couple of new items from his 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection that are centered around the theme of “Summit”. Included in this new release is a Winter vest as well as a plaid shirt, both of which share a similar aesthetic and feel. Both … READ MORE


CLOT x Dr. Romanelli x Levi’s – Denim Leather Jacket Collection

CLOT recently hooked up with Dr.Romanelli and Levi’s on a series of denim leather jackets that have been pieced together with various CLOT and Levi’s denim collaboration jeans. In addition Dr. Romanelli looks to have worked with CLOT on a few additional denim jackets that used various … READ MORE


Dr. Romanelli x Hello Kitty x MEDICOM TOY – Hello Kitty Anatomy Edition

A contrast between old and new anatomical models, designer Dr. Romanelli “surgically” cut away the midsection of Hello Kitty in his new collaboration with Sanrio and MEDICOM TOY CO. A rather interesting revelation was discovered in the process – just how similar Hello Kitty and her innards … READ MORE


Dr. Romanelli x Hello Kitty x MEDICOM TOY – Hello Kitty Candy Striper Edition

As we have reported previously on the Dr Romanelli x Hello Kitty x Medicom Toy collaborative project, we see a new version of the Hello Kitty in a different colorway. The inspiration for this release is based on volunteers at hospitals sometimes referred to as Candy Stripers. … READ MORE