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R.I.P. – Per-Ivan Hagberg – Founder of Dunderdon + K.G.A.T. + A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. Denim

Long before the current interest in heritage design and prior to the resurgence of workwear as a fashionable staple, there was the Scandinavian apparel label Dunderdon. While lesser known in comparison with the likes of Carhartt WIP and Dickies, Dunderdon┬á nevertheless won a fiercely loyal following since … READ MORE


Dunderdon – Fall/Winter 2010 | Available Now

The Swedes, along with its Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish neighbors, are part of that exclusive confederation of functional design. Innovative and simplified, both are something of near necessity when set against the bleak backdrop of the Arctic Circle, and a tradition quite obvious in Dunderdon. It is … READ MORE

Dunderdon - New Flagship Opens!!!

Dunderdon – New NYC Flagship Opens!!!

Established by a carpenter, the Swedish workwear label Dunderdon was created on a need for premium construction yet stylish apparel for craftsmen and women alike. Since its launch in 1997, Dunderdon has enjoyed a popular following within the artisans community and beyond. Originally next door to the … READ MORE