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durkl winter holiday 2010 delivery 2 02 160x160

DURKL – Winter/Holiday 2010 Collection | Delivery 2

Just as the White House, DURKL was created in the Nation’s capital, but is designed not with the Capitol Hill residents, but the cyclists and skaters in mind. As shown by the brand, it has been living up to its residential status and taking care of international … READ MORE

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Durkl x Norml – Limited Edition Capital Club Package | Available Now

Washington D.C. based Durkl has embarked on a journey around the world, quite literally, as they sought out brands from capitals around the globe for collaborations. This rather ambitious project, also known as the Capitol Collection, features limited edition packs and items created by Durkl and their … READ MORE

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DURKL Sunglasses Collection

It is hard to imagine the nation’s capital and the only state where people are taxed without representation would be any kind of fertile ground for urban culture. However, it is in the heart of Washington DC where a group of cycling and skate enthusiasts came together … READ MORE