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Air Jordan 2011 Version 2 – Playoff Pack | Preview

The cues are all quite subtle but any Jordan fans would recognize very quickly the myriad of alterations in this Air Jordan 2011. Following the successive alternatives to LeBron 8 all within the span of an year, Jordan Brand is to follow suite with its variant of … READ MORE


Jordan Brand – AJ3k Video Game For iPhone + iPad

Team Jordan comes to your mobile devices with the launch of AJ3K, a new video game app for Apple iPhone and iPad. Select your weapon of choice Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul, to dominate the day. Conquer sequence of levels via agility, speed, and pure … READ MORE


Jordan Brand – Dwyane Wade “Dominate Another Day” Video | Part 2

While party goers sat around the fireplace, Dwyane Wade, Code Name Agent D3, is about to get roast, quite literally, by a purple laser. Will he get out safely from the clutch of Zen Master and his hoard of Black Mambas? In this new Christmas Day clip … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/25/2010 – 10/29/2010

Here is to the Halloween weekend, and to taking a day out of the entire year to finally be dressed up with no qualms or reservations about what you want to be. This week, Freshness has started another cycle of our giveaways with a new partnership with … READ MORE


Jordan Brand – Dwyane Wade in “Dominate Another Day” | Video

Did you know that Miami Heats star, Dwyane Wade, moonlights as a superhero that seems to be made from part Tron and part Iron Man after his duties on the basketball court? As Jordan Brand’s latest campaign revealed, Dwyane Wade had just delivered the king to the … READ MORE