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El Mac + Shamsia Hassani – “Birds of No Nation” Mural | Video

A predominant view of Afghanistan in modern times is that of a conflicted and struggling nation. Amidst the fighting and strife, an Afghan artist, Shamsia Hassani, is trying to change the perception of her country and its art. Viet Nam The World Tour connected Hassani with Californian … READ MORE


Pima Art and Space Museum – The Boneyard Project: Return Trip

Fans of street and contemporary art will have to go a little out of their way to check out the latest works from some of the most prominent artists working today. Specifically, they’ll have to travel to Tuscon, Arizona, where the Pima Air and Space Museum will … READ MORE


El Mac – Viet Nam The World Tour in Ho Chi Minh City | Video

Vietnam is still one of those countries that is untapped with mass commercialization; its city holds beauty like no other. El Mac was invited by Viet Nam The World Tour to paint some murals in the country’s capital, Ho Chi Minh City. During his stay in Vietnam, … READ MORE