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Emporio Armani Eyewear – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

In addition to his signature eyewear series, Giorgio Armani has taken the wraps off the Spring/Summer 2013 eyewear collection for his Emporio Armani sub brand, both of which were just previewed live at a special launch event during Milan Fashion Week. Both men’s and women’s styles combine … READ MORE


EMPORIO ARMANI x Reebok EA7 Collection – Spring/Summer 2012

Though still firmly planted in the luxury apparel arena, the Emporio Armani diffusion line has always carried a sportier aesthetic as compared to the main Giorgio Armani label. Emporio Armani’s EA7 line specifically caters to the sporting crowd, and part and parcel of the sub-brand’s Spring/Summer 2012 … READ MORE


EMPORIO ARMANI x Reebok EA7 Collection Video | By Rhys Frampton For Wonderland

The expression of movements and motions can be many things. For famed fashion photographer Rhys Frampton, it isn’t so much about the point of initiation but rather the “illusion” of a motion, much like images found within a kaleidoscope. Visually stimulating, Frampton along with England’s Wonderland Magazine … READ MORE


EMPORIO ARMANI x Reebok EA7 Fall/Winter 2011 | Preview

Though we prefer not to have a window sill and radiator in the midst of our photo. There simply wasn’t enough time to set up a proper photoshoot as these EA7 Fall/Winter 2011 merchandises are heading back to showroom till August of this year when they are … READ MORE


EMPORIO ARMANI x Reebok EA7 Spring/Summer 2011 | Video

With the introduction or EA7 ZigPump and EA7 ZigLace for women, the EA7 collaboration between Reebok and EMPORIO ARMANI highlights the symbiosis between the human rhythm, fluidity of movement and the emphasis on performance technology. In this brief video directed by Robin Derrick, Creative Director of Vogue … READ MORE


EMPORIO ARMANI x Reebok EA7 ZigPump + EA7 ZigLace

Luxury goods were never relegated to be available only for an exclusive few.  More often, it is the product’s pricing scheme that held the masses back from its attainability, a boundary that is eroding quite quickly in recent years with the onset of collaborations like that from … READ MORE


Emporio Armani x Reebok – EA7 Easy Tone

Work out discreetly and in style with the new collaborative sneaker from Emporio Armani and Reebok, from the duo’s EA7 line-up. The new sneaker is worked off the Reebok Easy Tone silhouette, which has been a hit amongst the ladies for one can tone her key leg … READ MORE


Reebok x Emporio Armani Collection

Not too long ago, Reebok announced an interesting collaboration with luxury Italian label, Emporio Armani, in creating two capsule collections of apparel and footwear set to hit stores extremely soon next month in August.The collection, as we had previously delved quite in depth to discuss, is essentially … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 5/17/2010 – 5/21/2010

Since the weather has been getting more stable, and sunshine becomes a more consistent presence in our lives, everyone’s coming out to play. Also, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be kicking off extremely soon, the sportswear giants have been gearing up for this year’s biggest … READ MORE


Reebok x EMPORIO ARMANI – EA7 Apparel Collection

Stipulated: The gym is filled with fit people or people on the way of installing some serious six-packs into their midriff. Stipulated: The gym is filled with people who care about taking care of themselves and are not too lazy to tear their bottoms off couches. Stipulated: … READ MORE


Reebok x EMPORIO ARMANI – Fall/Winter 2010 – Footwear Collection

In a world where collaborations are more often abused as a gimmick rather than as originally intended– for two labels to tap into each other resources and create something better– it is getting increasingly more difficult to find collaborations that truly surprise or open up an uncharted … READ MORE