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Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari – Museum Honoring the Birthplace of Enzo Ferrari

The http://museocasaenzoferrari.it/” target=”_blank”>Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, Italy, the birthplace of http://ferrari.com” target=”_blank”>Enzo Ferrari, opened to its first visitors on March 10th, 2012 to honor the life and work of the man who founded the world-renowned Italian sportscar. The new museum complex began with the restoration of the … READ MORE


Ferrari x Kraken Opus Publishing – Official Ferrari Opus | 32.3-Carat Diamonds Studded Book

It is quite difficult not “judge this book by its cover”. Introducing the http://krakenopus.com/family/ferrari/diamante/” target=”_blank”>Official Ferrari Opus, the official book about the world’s most extraordinary car company, http://ferrari.com” target=”_blank”>Ferrari. Crafted by London-base publisher http://krakenopus.com/family/ferrari/diamante/” target=”_blank”>Kraken Opus, the 852-page tome weighs in at around 82-pound, with each page … READ MORE