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Ewing Athletics 33 Hi | Release Info

Despite the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/06/ewing-athletics-33-hi/” target=”_blank”>so-called “Ewing Theory” by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, you have to credited former http://nba.com” target=”_blank”>NBA star http://nba.com/history/players/ewing_bio.html” target=”_blank”>Patrick Ewing for his loyalty to the http://nba.com/knicks” target=”_blank”>New York Knicks. From the start of his basketball career in 1985 to 2000, Ewing was not just a ball … READ MORE


Ewing Athletics 33 Hi

Famed ESPN sports columnist Bill Simmons (aka the Sports Guy) is widely credited with disseminating the “Ewing Theory” sports meme, which describes a situation in which a team performs better once its franchise player leaves the lineup — e.g., the http://nba.com/knicks” target=”_blank”>Knicks defeated the Pacers in the … READ MORE


Ewing Athletics – New Website Launch

Similar to that of Michael Jordan’s, the basketball career of http://nba.com/historical/playerfile/index.html?player=patrick_ewing” target=”_blank”>Patrick Ewing is something most would be envious about. Plucked as the #1 Draft Pick of 1984 from http://georgetown.edu” target=”_blank”>Georgetown, where he was a NCAA Champion, Ewing went on to lead the http://nba.com/knicks” target=”_blank”>New York Knicks … READ MORE