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mastermind JAPAN x Stussy x EYESCREAM – Collaboration Caps

In bidding farewell to the cult brand, mastermind JAPAN, Japanese lifestyle magazine EYESCREAM has allocated an article in their upcoming issue that’s dedicated to the Japanese company. Coinciding with the launch of the article, EYESCREAM teamed up with mastermind JAPAN and Stussy to bring these exclusive collaboration … READ MORE


LACOSTE L!VE – Nautical Flag Pack

In docks around the world, boaters are readying their vessels for another beautiful season out on the water. No matter the size of your boat, it’s how you use it after all and Lacoste L!VE has the perfect footwear for you to be the captain of your … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x Stussy – World Tribe “Shadow Skull” T-Shirt | EYESCREAM Exclusive

Among the numerous products from the mastermind JAPAN and Stussy collaboration, there was this, the mastermind JAPAN x Stussy – World Tribe “Shadow Skull” T-Shirt. Instead of the usual course of superimposing the Stussy World Tribe graphic onto the mastermind JAPAN’s skull and crossbones logo, the collaborators … READ MORE


Stussy x EYESCREAM – “I Scream From Tokyo” Collection

Occasionally, EYESCREAM, a Japanese lifestyle magazine, initiates collaboration projects with fashion brands based in Japan. Although, this time around, a much-larger-than-usual project was conceived with Stussy. Tokyo-based fashion labels, designers, illustrators, and photographers have submitted designs reflecting the theme of I Scream From Tokyo. Participating in this … READ MORE



The once print only Japanese lifestyle magazine, EYESCREAM, has taken full advantage of the internet to expand their presence and reach to a whole new audience. And there probably isn’t a bigger name in the internet game out there right now than GOOGLE, whose GOOGLE+ social networking and sharing … READ MORE


nonnative x EYESCREAM – Summer 2012 Collection

The once print only Japanese lifestyle publication, EYESCREAM, is expanding rapidly by improving their online presence and using their online shop to its fullest. They have already made a handful of collaborations in the past, and now the veil is coming off the Summer 2012 collection with … READ MORE


c.e x EYESCREAM – EYESCREAM 8 Year Anniversary T-Shirt

At times, anniversary products can become unwearable after sometime due to its artwork promoting the anniversary too prominently. On the contrary, c.e did a great job in disguising the fact, yet at the same time, it is blatantly obvious when you know what to look for. The … READ MORE


EYESCREAM – WAMEN by Porter Classic | Video

In many industries today, globalization have made it almost impossible to see the whole manufacturing process in one country. Take for instance, for a simple cotton t-shirt, the cotton may be harvested in one country and shipped to another country for manufacturing. However, Porter Classic took the … READ MORE


Supreme x EYESCREAM – EYESCREAM 6th Anniversary T-Shirt

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Japanese magazine, EYESCREAM, the EYESCREAM team had decided to commemorate its birthday with a special New York edition “New York Creativity 2010″. The New York edition will not only feature key New York tastemakers, designers and creative industry players such as … READ MORE

KAWS x EYESCREAM - 2008 December Art Issue

KAWS x EYESCREAM – 2008 December Art Issue

One of our favorite artists, KAWS, got together with Japanese magazine, EYESCREAM, for a collaboration on their 2008 December Art Issue. This marks the third magazine that KAWS has done artwork for the first two were i-D magazine and Complex. This issue of EYESCREAM not only features … READ MORE