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What Facebook Might Look Like on Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset | Video

Welcome to http://facebook.com/”>Facebook version 2.0. While much of the tech world is still speculating as to what a virtual reality Facebook page would look like on http://oculusvr.com/”>Oculus Rift, creative agency http://chaoticmoon.com/”>Chaotic Moon took on the initiative and merged both concepts into a demo instead. With the available … READ MORE


Facebook Buys Oculus VR, Maker of Virtual Reality Headset, For $2 Billion

On the prowl just weeks after it brought the http://whatsapp.com/?” target=”_blank”>WhatsApp messaging service for a cool $19 billion, http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook announced earlier this afternoon that it is buying http://oculusvr.com” target=”_blank”>Oculus VR, the maker of http://oculusvr.com/dk2/” target=”_blank”>Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted display, for $2 billion in both … READ MORE


Facebook is buying WhatsApp for $16 billion

It looks like the billionaires club just got a new inductee as http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook announces its purchase of http://whatsapp.com/” target=”_blank”>WhatsApp for $16 billion. So what is WhatsApp and why did Facebook just drop so much cash on it? If you’re keeping track at home, this is roughly … READ MORE


Facebook Paper

There’s an acronym for what Facebook is attempting to resolve here: FOMO. Or, “Fear of missing out.” Using the standard Facebook News Feed plus other news sources you choose, Facebook’s just announced app, https://facebook.com/paper” target=”_blank”>Paper, recreates an immersive, horizontally scrolling summary of all the news and updates … READ MORE


Instagram Bringing Ads to Users’ Feeds

C’mom, guys, we all knew it was just a matter of time before our Instagram feeds showcasing our friends’ meals, wedding photos, new buys, and general amateur photography wasn’t going to stay blissfully ad-free forever. Well, here’s the news then: http://blog.instagram.com/post/63017560810/instagramasagrowingbusiness” target=”_blank”>Instagram announced on Wednesday that they … READ MORE


“Breaking Bad” Series Finale Breaks Ratings and Piracy Records

The groundbreaking http://amctv.com” target=”_blank”>AMC series http://amctv.com/shows/breaking-bad” target=”_blank”>Breaking Bad finished up its brilliant five-season run last night, and the numbers seem to indicate the show’s reputation as a bona fide cultural phenomenon. 10.3 million viewers tuned in to see how the Walter White saga concluded, which is impressive … READ MORE


Canon Powershot N – Facebook Ready Digital Camera

The buzz has only continued to grow around the Canon Powershot N Digital Camera since http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/07/canon-powershot-n-digital-camera-fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand/” target=”_blank”>we first previewed it back in July, offering a solution to all of those fuzzy, low-quality pictures that dominate our Facebook albums. Literally created to have a direct connection to the social … READ MORE


Instagram Officially Introduces Video Function

First “leaked” last week by http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/17/source-instagram-will-get-video-on-june-20/” target=”_blank”>TechCrunch and other tech-oriented news outlets, http://instagram.com” target=”_blank”>Instagram finally announces its video function during a brief product presentation earlier this afternoon. At the press event, which took place within http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Systrom unveiled … READ MORE


Facebook Officially Adds Clickable #Hashtags Function

In its ongoing battle against https://twitter.com” target=”_blank”>Twitter, social media Facebook officially adds clickable #hashtags as a function starting today. Currently as a roll-out version, the company will first introduce the function to a small number of https://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook Pages. Much like other social media site, a pop-up … READ MORE


HTC First – Smartphone with Facebook Home

The old saying of “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…” took on a special meaning this afternoon when http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook and cellphone manufacturer http://htc.com” target=”_blank”>HTC unveiled the HTC First, the first smartphone to feature the new Facebook Home function. The final product was two … READ MORE


YouTube Rewind 2012 – Top 10 Most Viewed Videos of the Year

http://youtube.com/” target=”_blank”>YouTube averaged an astounding 4 billion views per month during 2012, and its YouTube Rewind for 2012 lists the top ten videos that contributed to those numbers. According to the site, viewers “participated in conversations at a global scale, uploading videos to share ideas on everything … READ MORE