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Facebook – New Messaging System Announced

Earlier today at 1pm EST, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new messaging system for one of the most viewed sites in the world, Facebook. While many blogs and tech reporters were speculating a new email service from the social networking giant, the announcement today showed that email is … READ MORE


Facebook Will Be Launching Email On Monday

This coming Monday, facebook will be holding an invite-only Web 2.0 Summit, and speculation is that it is related to the upcoming facebook email, set to launch on Monday as well. According to Business Insider and the folks from ZDNet, facebook will be offering a full-fledged email … READ MORE


Facebook How Facebook Deals May Transform The Way We Shop

No animated slide shows, glitzy stage presentation, or the familiar black mock-neck sweater and acid washed denim, but the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg & company at Facebook headquarter on Wednesday has much ramification as a product launch by Steve Jobs and Apple. The hour-long event, broadcasted live … READ MORE


Facebook Mobile Event – November 3rd

Early November is adding up to be a huge month for mobile with Facebook being the latest to tease a mobile related project. There have been rumors floating regarding a potential Facebook mobile phone with Facebook integration but nothing has been confirmed. On November 3rd, Facebook is … READ MORE


Kanye West Performs New Songs At Facebook | Video

He’s not singing like a robot, and there’s no visual accoutrement like flashing lights and naked ladies to accompany this performance. Kanye West goes old school and performs new material with nothing but a quick mind and the right rhyme for a group of audience at Facebook. … READ MORE