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BNE Water x Shepard Fairey x Invader x Faile - Artists 4 Water Collection 01

BNE Water x Shepard Fairey x INVADER x FAILE – Artists 4 Water Collection

More and more companies are starting to integrate social responsibility into their corporate culture. Even though BNE Water is a relative newcomer, their efforts are certainly helping people in need. BNE Water is teaming up with Shepard Fairey once again, alongside INVADER and FAILE, for a run … READ MORE


The Top 10 Instagram Photos From Art Basel 2013

Presented by Boost Mobile Generally a misconception, but December tends to be the most stressful month of the year. Between gift hunting for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, there are those silly holiday decorations you need put up, along with that sickly looking Christmas Tree currently in your … READ MORE


Bonhams – Urban Art Auction | London

Founded in 1973, British private auction house, Bonhams, is one of the world’s oldest and largest auctioneers for fine art and antiques. In their vast catalog of artworks are recent acquisitions of urban art from the past few decades. Notable artists include Banksy, SEEN, José Parlá, Shepard … READ MORE


Logan Hicks – “Toe The Line” P.S. 132 Benefit Art Auction

Plenty of parents may complain about the not-so-ideal conditions in their public schools, yet one Brooklyn-based artist is taking matters into his own hands. Upon hearing about budget cuts in his son, Sailor’s school, Logan Hicks, decided to pool variety of artworks from friends to raise funds … READ MORE


R.I.P. Tony Goldman 1943 2012 | Proprietor of Bowery Mural + Savior of SoHo Neighborhood

Unlike his counterparts in the real estate development industry, where profit margin was, is, and forever the core to their businesses, Tony Goldman saw himself, first and foremost, as a builder instead. During a 2000 interview with The New York Times, Goldman said “Developers are knock ‘em … READ MORE


FAILE – New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

Picking up where pop artist Kenny Scharf left off during December of last year, the collective known as FAILE takes over the infamous mural wall on Houston Street and Bowery of New York City. A careful composition of popular images and familiar lore, the duo first assembled … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 8/16/2010 – 8/20/2010

New York City has been extremely busy (since when has it not been, but even more so this week, mainly with thanks to Nike) recently, and because of that, Freshness has been extremely busy as well. We have ran around the town from Madison Square Garden to … READ MORE


FAILE – FAILE Temple | Lisbon, Portugal

It might be counter-intuitive, to take on a large scale art installation during one of the worst economic down turn in memory. However, for Brooklyn-base creative collective, FAILE, that standard operating procedure falls by the sideline. Simply known as “Temple” and located at the heart of Praça … READ MORE


FAILE x BAST – “Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2010″ Exhibit

In admiration of those missed times, street art teams FAILE and BAST incepted the Deluxx Fluxx, a grand old-fashioned arcade on Allen Street of Lower East Side. Pasted with FAILE and BAST posters, the first unassuming storefront takes on a different personality altogether with its lined arcade … READ MORE