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FEIT Moc Chukka Kudu Classic

FEIT is able to produce the highest quality products at reasonable price point by eliminating the middle man and shipping their products directly to their consumers. Their latest footwear is the Moc Chukka Kudu Classic shoes and it utilizes the Kudu leather sourced from Southern Africa. It … READ MORE


FEIT Superclean Kudu Classic

The newest sneakers from FEIT is the Superclean Kudu Classic which is offered in three colorways, grey, tan and black. These sneakers use leather from a large antelope, Kudu from South Africa, and only a limited number of Kudu is hunted to retain ecological balance in national … READ MORE


FEIT – Oxford X Ray

A handmade product has a different feel altogether compared to machine made products and FEIT is taking traditional shoe making to another level. Their pre-order system allows customers to buy direct from their online shop and in return it keeps the costs down while quality stays high. … READ MORE

Moc Chukka X Ray Ox Blood 6

FEIT Moc Chukka X Ray – Chukka Boots With Transparent Outsoles

FEIT is throwing a two hit combo, following up the unique Hiker X Ray boots equally impressive Moc Chukka X Ray boots. This Moccasin boots is also hand sewn and features the transparent X Ray soles from Vibram, showing off the internal construction of the footwear. Horween … READ MORE

Hike X Ray Black

FEIT Hiker X Ray – Hiking Boots With Transparent Outsoles

A common, added touch to sneakers by their designers is the implementation of a clear sole. Now FEIT is taking this same design notion and applying it to their hand crafted boots, Hiker X Ray. Transparent soles expose the bamboo shank, cork footbed and thread weave, all … READ MORE


OUTLIER x FEIT Supermarines

Both OUTLIER and FEIT are leading brands in their own field and they share the absolute commitment to great quality. It was confirmed that they would not dissapoint when the collaboration project was announced. Each Submarines sneaker is handmade using water resistant Supermarine Cotton uppers from Egypt, … READ MORE

Stitchdown 9

FEIT – Stitchdown Boots

FEIT have always remained unique with its attention to detail and use of premium materials on their sneakers and footwear. For this latest Stitchdown Boots Kudu suede have been sourced to be used on its upper for its super soft texture, giving the boots a premium feel. … READ MORE