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Ferrari California T

Anytime a new stallion makes its way to the internet, it’s going to cause quite the buzz, but this Ferrari California T is even more special. Packing extra punch under the hood and a sleeker, sexier build, the California can finally put its shoulders back and stand … READ MORE


Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition

Before the movie Rush hit the movie theatres earlier this year, many outside of the Formula 1 racing world probably had not heard of driver and legend Niki Lauda, who had a pretty heated on-track rivalry with James Hunt in the 1970′s racing era. Driving for Maranello, Lauda … READ MORE


Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione

The Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione racecar, released under the prancing horse’s Ferrari Challenge series for up-and-coming racers, is based on the 458 Challenge and features a number of modifications for faster lap times. Chief among those upgrades is the large rear wing, developed using experience gained in GT … READ MORE

Ferrari 458 Tuned By Liberty Walk 04

Ferrari 458 Tuned | By Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk is certain not your average tuning house. The Japanese company is known for their radical wide body kits, and unconventional riveted wide fenders. Even though this type of tuning is common amongst street racers in Japan, the company caters exclusively for exotic cars and sports … READ MORE

Ferrari FF Factory Tour by designboom Video 01

Ferrari FF Factory Tour by designboom | Video

Every penny spent on the Ferrari FF goes towards the elaborate facility and skilled technicians that make up the Ferrari operation. Although their executive staff, engineers and designers are surely an integral part of the business, their production would be nothing without the factory workers. Here in … READ MORE


Ferrari F12berlinetta N-Largo Tuned | By Novitec Rosso

The tuning crew at Germany’s Novitec Rosso has unveiled their new Ferrari F12 berlinetta N-LARGO, featuring a carbon fiber body kit that increases the car’s width to 80.7 inches from the stock 76.5 inches, as well as new features that include revised bumpers, side skirts and extended fenders. The car … READ MORE


1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Breaks Record With $52 Million Sale

All records are made to be broken and this 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO has just smashed the record for being the most expensive car ever. Once held by another Ferrari 250 GTO once owned by Sir Stirling Moss, the new king was sold by Greenwich, Connecticut collector … READ MORE


Mansory – La Revoluzione

The magic that the Switzerland-based Mansory automobile tuning company has worked on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta makes its previous “Stallone” model look like a kid’s submission vehicle to a go-kart race. Dubbed the “La Revoluzione“, the exterior displays a shiny, maroon colored carbon-fiber body and a leather interior … READ MORE


Ferrari 458 Speciale

Bound for Frankfurt Motor Show next month, the Ferrari 458 Speciale is essentially the Ferrari 458 Italia on steroid. Already deemed by critics to be one of the most perfect supercar available today, engineers at Ferrari thought of more improvements and came away with the initial schematics … READ MORE


Ferrari 458 | Tuned by Hennessey Performance

Legendary tuning outfit Hennessey Performance has unveiled its upgraded Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. The Texas-based company added two turbochargers, increasing the vehicle’s power output to 738 horsepower and 532 lb-ft of torque (vs. the 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque for the stock model). Additional essential … READ MORE


IXOOST – Audio Speakers Made from Ferrari F1 Racing Engine Exhaust Manifold

Any car enthusiast would be drawn to these exhaust manifolds, an exact replica from exotic super cars and F1 machines. The manifolds are produced in Modena, a mecca for factories producing parts for Ferrari and Maserati, ensuring the highest quality finish and design. A truly original set … READ MORE