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ferrari ff configurator

Ferrari FF Configurator

For engaging in some dream car internet fantasy, few things are as good as the configurator. Now fans of the new shooting brake model from Ferrari, the FF, have the opportunity. Unlike the Lamborghini Aventador configurator, which was extremely limited in the options available, Ferrari has made … READ MORE

2012 Ferrari Four FF - A Detailed Look 10

Ferrari FF | Detailed Look

As far as pedigreed supercar manufacturers re-embracing the shooting brake profiles, Porsche pretty much took all the heat with the Panamera. That vehicle hasn’t ruined anyone’s image of Porsche, so the market was already tested – and shown to be receptive – for Ferrari‘s foray in to … READ MORE


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – World’s First Ferrari Theme Park

Need to tame that black stallion within all of us Ferrari fanatics? Then you must book a flight to Middle East kingdom of Abu Dhabi. No long a desert oasis mentioned causally in the Garfield comic stripe, Abu Dhabi is now a thriving gem along the Persian … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 09/20/2010 – 09/24/2010

Just as the folks in New York City are recovering from the recently wrapped New York Fashion Week, the Alexander Wang bootie-clad army of editors and buyers fled the city and moved their actions and sharp opinions to Milan and London. Meanwhile, heels and bowties aside, the … READ MORE


Ferrari x HASSELBLAD – H4D Ferrari Medium Format Digital Camera

They are the hand cannons for the selected few, armaments for imagery icons of Magnum Photos, Getty, Vogue, not to mention the Apollo space program. For over 150 years, HASSELBLAD been the leading go-to brand for those looking to capture more than just the usual fare of … READ MORE


Ferrari – Ferrari World Amuseument Park Coming To Abu Dhabi

Dubai, and Abu Dhabi (a place where some have deemed as the new Dubai), are perhaps one of the few places on Earth that can afford to shell out for the creative, the outrageous, and extravagant at the moment. For car fans, what could perhaps be more … READ MORE


Gemballa – MIG-U1 | Modified Ferrari Enzo Super Car

For the last 27 years, automobile tinker Uwe Gemballa and the firm he established, Gemballa, been advancing the proud engineering heritage of Porsche further with his modified exotic “beast” (i.e. a twin-turbo variant of the Porsche Carrera GT Supercar).   More recently, innovator took on a brand … READ MORE


Gemballa – Ferrari MIG-U1

The Middle East have been known for their fair share of exclusive luxury car culture with super cars being a dime a dozen. So do an individual stay apart from the usual crowd of Ferraris and Lamborghinis? Put a one off kit by Germany’s finest Gemballa. Although … READ MORE


Ferrari – Ferrari 599 China Edition – Cracked Porcelain

Ferrari’s front-engined super speedster, Ferrari 599, gets a Chinese makeover by contemporary Chinese artist, Lu Hao. Lu Hao is know for creating meticulously painted realistic paintings that come off as photographs at the first glance. His subjects depicted organized displays of everyday items as seen in China … READ MORE


Ferrari – 458 Italia | Video

The promotional videos for the highly anticipated vehicles are being released slowly by various manufacturers as now we see this very impressive short video by Ferrari showcasing their 458 Italia. Turn up the volume and listen to the V8 engine roar and use all of its 562 … READ MORE


Ferrari – 458 Italia Revealed

The Ferrari 458 Italia launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show to a overwhelming crowd waiting in anticipation. As we had reported earlier this car is going to be the pinnacle of Ferrari with its performance and aesthetics displaying perfect marriage. The vehicle achieves an almost perfect balance … READ MORE