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Filson Restoration Department

Filson is set to launch its Restoration Department, a sustainable program through which the Seattle-based heritage brand takes vintage Filson products and renovates them, resulting in one-of-a-kind bags and pouches. The resulting creations are made in limited quantities by a team of restoration experts, with each piece featuring a unique, … READ MORE


C.C. Filson by Nigel Cabourn Capsule Collection | Styled by END.

C.C. Filson combines the quality standards of http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson manufacturing with modern-day functionality, and the brand has tapped a kindred spirit in http://cabourn.com/” target=”_blank”>Nigel Cabourn to create a series for outerwear pieces for Fall 2014. The collection, inspired in part by a vintage Filson Cruiser Jacket that Cabourn once … READ MORE


Filson – Dry Bag Collection

As its simple name suggests, http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson’s Dry Bag collection is lightweight, durable and fit for use in all weather conditions. The range comprises a messenger bag, backback, duffle backpack, duffle bag in medium and large sizes, and finally, a small rolltop bag with buckle handle. Each … READ MORE


Filson x Brute 50 QT Cooler

Over the years http://bruteoutdoors.com/” target=”_blank”>Brute has cultivated a well-earned reputation for making goods that last, and the Texas-based brand has teamed up with a like-minded partner from the Pacific Northwest to produce the Filson x Brute 50 QT Cooler. Done up in http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson’s trademark colors and branding, the … READ MORE


Filson x Magnum Photography Bag Collection

Since its founding, http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson has operated under the staunch belief that the quality of one’s equipment is imperative in undertaking a successful journey or expedition. It’s a guiding principle that’s as true for modern-day outdoor photographers as it was for Yukon gold prospectors in 1897. To that end, Filson … READ MORE


Celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of Filson’s Cruiser

2014 marks the 100-year anniversary of the http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson Cruiser, first designed by Clinton C. Filson back in 1912. The original version featured a large back pocket made with a double layer of fabric, large utility chest pockets (cut wide for extra cargo but engineered to accommodate movement), … READ MORE


Filson – “A Story of Stubbornness” | Video

Being set in one’s ways and inflexible to change are normally seen as counterproductive qualities, but for http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson — the company that’s been manufacturing its apparel and gear since 1897 — it’s that stubbornness that sets the brand apart. For 117 years, Filson has used the same 1940s Singer … READ MORE


Filson – “Open Door to Solitude” | Featuring Ed Zevely

An intimate look at a real-life http://filson.com” target=”_blank”>Filson customer, “Open Door to Solitude” highlights the trek of 68-year-old Ed Zevely, a mustached outdoorsman who rides into the Colorado high country on horseback every chance he gets. With his trusted Filson gears to help him ride out the … READ MORE


Pop Up Flea New York – Opens This Weekend

Celebrating its very first international venue in London, the http://thepopupflea.com/” target=”_blank”>Pop Up Flea returns to its New York City home base this weekend. Bigger and better, the one-of-the-kind artisanal marketplace will take place within the sprawling 82 Mercer Street facility at the heart of SoHo. Distinctively American … READ MORE


Filson x Shinola Bixby Bicycle

A strong history of American manufacturing is embodied by this new joint venture from http://filson.com/” target=”_blank”>Filson and http://shinola.com/” target=”_blank”>Shinola, which takes the form here of the Bixby Bicycle. Assembled in Shinola’s small-scale factory in Detroit, the 3-speed bike features a TrueTemper frame with a custom Shinola fork, as well … READ MORE


Filson x AEV Jeep Brute Double Cab

Feeling right at home among the old growth forest of Pacific Northwest or the concrete jungle of New York City, the http://filson.com/products/filson-edition-aev-brute.92098.html” target=”_blank”>Filson x AEV Jeep Brute Double Cab has the muscle to pull that double-wide trailer of yours, yet with utmost refinements for you to cruise … READ MORE