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Celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of Filson’s Cruiser

2014 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Filson Cruiser, first designed by Clinton C. Filson back in 1912. The original version featured a large back pocket made with a double layer of fabric, large utility chest pockets (cut wide for extra cargo but engineered to accommodate movement), and … READ MORE


Filson – “A Story of Stubbornness” | Video

Being set in one’s ways and inflexible to change are normally seen as counterproductive qualities, but for Filson – the company that’s been manufacturing its apparel and gear since 1897 — it’s that stubbornness that sets the brand apart. For 117 years, Filson has used the same 1940s Singer sewing … READ MORE


Filson – “Open Door to Solitude” | Featuring Ed Zevely

An intimate look at a real-life Filson customer, “Open Door to Solitude” highlights the trek of 68-year-old Ed Zevely, a mustached outdoorsman who rides into the Colorado high country on horseback every chance he gets. With his trusted Filson gears to help him ride out the occasional … READ MORE


Pop Up Flea New York – Opens This Weekend

Celebrating its very first international venue in London, the Pop Up Flea returns to its New York City home base this weekend. Bigger and better, the one-of-the-kind artisanal marketplace will take place within the sprawling 82 Mercer Street facility at the heart of SoHo. Distinctively American and … READ MORE


Filson x Shinola Bixby Bicycle

A strong history of American manufacturing is embodied by this new joint venture from Filson and Shinola, which takes the form here of the Bixby Bicycle. Assembled in Shinola’s small-scale factory in Detroit, the 3-speed bike features a TrueTemper frame with a custom Shinola fork, as well as a … READ MORE


Filson x AEV Jeep Brute Double Cab

Feeling right at home among the old growth forest of Pacific Northwest or the concrete jungle of New York City, the Filson x AEV Jeep Brute Double Cab has the muscle to pull that double-wide trailer of yours, yet with utmost refinements for you to cruise down … READ MORE


Pop Up Flea London – Opens This Weekend

Even after their succession from the Crown, American still looked across the pond to their British brethren for pointers on style. That practice is about to end this weekend as Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean), Randy Goldberg, and like-minded merrymakers set up their The Pop Up … READ MORE


Filson x J.Crew – Fall 2013 Capsule Collection

J.Crew‘s new Discovered collection features pieces that tell a story, imbued with an aesthetic that makes the user rethink the very concept of good design. Key items from the range take the form of exclusive bags and jackets from Filson. The legendary Seattle-based brand has crafted the … READ MORE


Vault by VANS – 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition at BLENDS Costa Mesa

A special retrospective exhibition on VANS‘ sub-label, Vault by Vans, is currently available for viewing at BLENDS Costa Mesa store location. More commonly known as VANS Vault, the designation was first put into place in the Fall of 2003 as a way to manage special collaborations and … READ MORE