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Filson x AEV Jeep Wrangler

Two different brands with like minds come together for the Filson x AEV Jeep Wrangler. Jeep is, of course, known for making their iconic 4×4 sports utility vehicles and Filson has been making quality outdoor apparel and bags since 1897. Having previously collaborated on their Brute Double … READ MORE


Harris Tweed x Filson – Parka Cruiser

In the form of Filson’s iconic Cruiser Jacket, the new Parka Cruiser is lined with an insulation layer filled premium goose down from Europe. Designed to meet a full range of needs amongst the great outdoor, the Parka Cruiser features hand warmer pockets, supple Moleskin-lined collar with … READ MORE


Filson – Fall/Winter 2014 Cowichan Hand-Knit Collection

Filson‘s seasonal Cowichan offerings instantly evoke cozy winter days and knights, and this year’s knits provide superior warmth in style, even in the face of plummeting temps. Each limited edition item is hand-knit by members of the Cowichan Tribes of British Columbia, featuring distinctive patterns unique to each tribe. The … READ MORE


Filson Restoration Department

Filson is set to launch its Restoration Department, a sustainable program through which the Seattle-based heritage brand takes vintage Filson products and renovates them, resulting in one-of-a-kind bags and pouches. The resulting creations are made in limited quantities by a team of restoration experts, with each piece featuring a unique, … READ MORE


C.C. Filson by Nigel Cabourn Capsule Collection | Styled by END.

C.C. Filson combines the quality standards of Filson manufacturing with modern-day functionality, and the brand has tapped a kindred spirit in Nigel Cabourn to create a series for outerwear pieces for Fall 2014. The collection, inspired in part by a vintage Filson Cruiser Jacket that Cabourn once discovered at a … READ MORE


Filson – Dry Bag Collection

As its simple name suggests, Filson‘s Dry Bag collection is lightweight, durable and fit for use in all weather conditions. The range comprises a messenger bag, backback, duffle backpack, duffle bag in medium and large sizes, and finally, a small rolltop bag with buckle handle. Each piece … READ MORE


Filson x Brute 50 QT Cooler

Over the years Brute has cultivated a well-earned reputation for making goods that last, and the Texas-based brand has teamed up with a like-minded partner from the Pacific Northwest to produce the Filson x Brute 50 QT Cooler. Done up in Filson‘s trademark colors and branding, the cooler has … READ MORE


Filson x Magnum Photography Bag Collection

Since its founding, Filson has operated under the staunch belief that the quality of one’s equipment is imperative in undertaking a successful journey or expedition. It’s a guiding principle that’s as true for modern-day outdoor photographers as it was for Yukon gold prospectors in 1897. To that end, Filson has tapped David … READ MORE


Celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of Filson’s Cruiser

2014 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Filson Cruiser, first designed by Clinton C. Filson back in 1912. The original version featured a large back pocket made with a double layer of fabric, large utility chest pockets (cut wide for extra cargo but engineered to accommodate movement), and … READ MORE


Filson – “A Story of Stubbornness” | Video

Being set in one’s ways and inflexible to change are normally seen as counterproductive qualities, but for Filson — the company that’s been manufacturing its apparel and gear since 1897 — it’s that stubbornness that sets the brand apart. For 117 years, Filson has used the same 1940s Singer sewing … READ MORE


Filson – “Open Door to Solitude” | Featuring Ed Zevely

An intimate look at a real-life Filson customer, “Open Door to Solitude” highlights the trek of 68-year-old Ed Zevely, a mustached outdoorsman who rides into the Colorado high country on horseback every chance he gets. With his trusted Filson gears to help him ride out the occasional … READ MORE