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Ford Mustang – Evolution Of An Icon | Video

Unless you’ve been in a cave the last few months, you have probably heard that Ford is up to something with their cherished and powerful Mustang line for 2015, with their engineers and designer looking to completely redesign it. It’s scheduled for a big reveal sometime this … READ MORE


Ford “Need For Speed” Mustang – To Serve As Pace Car for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Transformers: Age of Extinction will not be the only movie to feature the best of exotic rides next year. In an exclusive partnership with Dreamworks Studios, Ford Motor Company will be providing several one-of-the-kind vehicles for the upcoming film Need For Speed. Among them is this special … READ MORE


Need For Speed x Ken Block – Gymkhana SIX: Ultimate Grid Course | Video

Recently named as Need For Speed: Rivals‘ Racing Advisor, Ken Block took to another obstacle course recently for the new Gymkhana SIX video. Similar to all of his other Gymkhana courses, including the death defying run last year at downtown San Francisco, this iteration showcases the precision … READ MORE


Galpin Ford GTR1

If you happen to spot a handcrafted, all-aluminum evolved version of the Ford GT zooming down the road at 225 miles per hour, don’t worry– you’re not dreaming. What you may have actually drooled over was the Galpin Ford GTR1, Galpin‘s fully customized rendition of the original … READ MORE


Bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta for International Bacon Day

On International Bacon Day (held the Saturday before Labor Day), expect to see oysters wrapped in bacon, ostriches wrapped in bacon, chickens wrapped in bacon, pork roast wrapped in bacon, Twinkies wrapped in bacon, corn wrapped in bacon, hot dogs wrapped in bacon, and…(wait for it)…a Ford Fiesta wrapped … READ MORE


GoPro x Ken Block – X-Games Gymkhana Preview with Nick Swardson | Video

Ken Block recently gave fans in Tokyo a taste of his gymkhana mayhem in Tokyo Experience, and it seems Mr. Block has done the same to Los Angeles at the recent X-Games event. GoPro and Block teamed up to give actor/comedian Nick Swardson a front seat view … READ MORE


Monster Energy – “Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience” | Video

Monster Energy and Ken Block brought over his car, their Monster girls, and mechanic team to Japan for a Gymkhana Experience in Tokyo, a day filled with loads of non-stop action. Japanese celebrities and invited guests were given the opportunity to ride with Block through the tarmac … READ MORE


Ford F-150 “Bat Truck” | By Galpin Auto Sports

George Barris built the first Batmobile in 1965 using the body of a Ford Futura concept car and parts from a hardware store, immediately propelling Barris to legend status among custom car designers. Almost 50 years later, Barris’ grandson Jared is paying tribute to the original with … READ MORE


1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod Powered by BMW V8 Engine | Video

An avid BMW enthusiast, Mike Burroughs, turned heads in the import car scene with his rat rod inspired chop-top BMW E9. Completely rusted body and slammed stance gave it a menacing aesthetic, and let’s not forget the shark face decal on the side of the car. Burroughs … READ MORE


2013 Ford VelociRaptor SUV | Tuned by Hennessey Performance

In typical Texas fashion of “Go Big On Everything”, tuning specialists at Hennessey Performance engineered the VelociRaptor SUV Conversion Program for the Ford F-150 Raptor pick-up truck. With nearly 400 Ford Raptor conversions under its belt already, Hennessey took all of the best elements from both practicality … READ MORE


Ford Taurus SHO | By Hennessey

Hennessey is well-known for their work on muscle-cars and trucks, but now the performance autotuner flexes its design muscles in a new direction to prove anything that it touches can be powerful enough to raise a few eyebrows. Enter: the Ford Taurus SHO, which comes stock with a … READ MORE